John and Camille Prats to talk about growing up and raising kids in new McDonald’s Happy Meal O’Clock on April 3

Featuring the new Tom & Jerry Happy Meal collection, the Happy Meal O’Clock livestream showED how interests from parents’ childhood can be passed on to their kids today

Join celebrity siblings, John and Camille Prats in McDonald's Happy Meal O' Clock
Genetics and mannerisms are not the only things parents pass on to their kids. Sharing their habits and hobbies is also one way of fostering a stronger bond between them.

Because of that, the new McDonald’s Happy Meal O’Clock episode tackled how parents can pass on and share their interests with their kids to create more fun bonding moments. In a livestream event via McDonald’s Facebook page last April 3, celebrity siblings John and Camille Prats shared their experience of growing up together and how the interests they had as kids— from hobbies, toys, and even cartoons— are also shared with their own kids now.
McDonalds launches Tom and Jerry Happy Meal
Featured in the Happy Meal O’Clock livestream is the new Happy Meal collection with the iconic cat and mouse duo, Tom & Jerry. The collection includes eight toy collectibles that both kids and parents can enjoy together. The Tom & Jerry Happy Meal collection is now available in McDonald’s via dine-in, take out, drive thru, and delivery.

If you missed out on the fun-filled Happy Meal O’Clock livestream with John and Camille Prats, you can still watch it below. Follow McDonald’s Philippines on Facebook to get all the latest updates.


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