Dressing up like a Minion

I recently have a project with McDonald’s x Minions for its recent collaboration as the new Minions film, Minions: The Rise of Gru came out. Of course, we had to dress up like our little mischief makers.

It is really easy to “Minion Bound” since their costume is really easy to copy as well. But for our costumes, we didn’t take the denim overalls look, since I don’t want to spend so much plus it is hard to look for one. So here’s what I decided to do.
Minions DIY OOTD
It’s so easy. Just get a plain yellow top, yellow beanie, yellow socks, jeans and blue suspender. For the goggles, I DIYed it. I got gray felt cloth, acetate sheet and a garter. Made 2 circles for the eyes, strips of gray felt cloth and acetate for the sides and connected the garter on the sides.

Here’s the final look for Coco and I’s Minion Mischief!
Minion Costume 1

How do you like our Minion Bounding?

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