Cinemalaya 2012 is coming up!

The 8th edition of Cinemalaya will on from July 20-29, 2012 at the CCP as well as selected cinemas in Greenbelt and TriNoma. Here are 3 entries of the 10 New Breed Category that I will be definitely watching. 1. Diablo by Mes De Guzman Stars: Ama Quiambao, Carlo Aquino, Arnold Reyes, Althea Vega, Roeder... Continue Reading →

OPMovies: Won't Last The Day Without You

"Minsan talaga noh, kahit anong pilit ng mundo na pag-hiwalayin ang dalawang tao, kung sila talaga, sila pa rin ang magkakatuluyan. Knockout ka talaga kapag pag-ibig na ang kalaban." Another box office Star Cinema (and Viva) film for 2011 is Sarah Geromino and Gerald Anderson's follow up movie. You can't deny the on-screen chemistry they... Continue Reading →

OPMovie: No Other Woman

During my rest day yesterday, I finally watched the film with my boy. I went to Eastwood early to buy us our movie tickets because 100% sure, that if we buy just when we get there, we wouldn't be able to get good seats, or worst, ubos! As I expected, at 1PM, there are no... Continue Reading →

IndiCine: Cinemalaya 2011's I-Libings

A coming of age story about Isabel, a funeral videography intern's journey to the lessons and realizations on life and death.Scarred by her family situation, Isabel is pretty much cynical and skeptical of everything that comes her way. When she enters the I-libings for her required college internship, she sees the I-libing as a company... Continue Reading →

My Sister's Keeper

I just watched the film version awhile ago. A real tearjerker I must say. I've never cried so hard in a movie, throughout the movie my entire movie life. I feel for the character's in the movie for I also have a love one who had leukemia, in fact he's a leukemia survivor now, and... Continue Reading →


You may have find it weird, while everyone's in the cemetery visiting their relatives. I, on the otherhand, just goes online and do my thang. It's not that I don't respect my relatives who died, it's just that, I can actually pray for them here. And how can I even go to my lolo's grave... Continue Reading →

Julie & Julia

Who would have thought that there would be a movie where bloggers would be able to relate to? Jule and Julia is actually the first ever film that is based on a blog. It is a story of Julie Powell who doesn't know what she wants in her life and with the encouragement of his... Continue Reading →

Quote #2

If you love someone you say it, you say it right then, out loud. Otherwise the moment just... passes you by-My Best friend's WeddingBut what if, I still can't? ='(

Just Like We're Time Traveling

We were almost complete today except for Deo and Kix. Well, almost- until Kix finally arrived to surprise the girls. We watched Time Traveler's Wife.Just like the old times......we stroll around the mall...we watch a movie...we stop at the middle of the walkway just to chat...take pictures...we attended a soiree (well, it just looked like... Continue Reading →

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