Netflix: Little

Little is 2019 American fantasy comedy film directed and co-written by Tina Gordon. It is a story about Jordan, a nightmarish boss is transformed into her teen self, she’s forced to go back to school, while her long-suffering assistant has to run the company. Starring: Regina Hall, Issa Rae, Marsai Martin.

13 year old Jordan shows how awesome she is by doing what she does best, so that she won’t get bullied in school every day. But you know, there will always be someone who won’t want you live the best life and ruin your moment.

There will always be circumstances in life when things will not go our way, especially during the times when we are still figuring it out. But once we are on top, when we are big, no one can ever stop you from doing what you love and pursuing your dreams. Your dreams will be a reality when work hard for it.

But you know, even if you are now big, and even if you weren’t treated well when you were still “little”, it doesn’t mean that you now have a right to bully others, just as how we were bullied before. Life doesn’t work out that way. You don’t have the right to hurt other people with your actions, especially with your words.

We all know how experiences, especially the not so good ones make us or sometimes, even break us. We change how we deal with life because we want to protect ourselves. When she was 13, Jordan, who was bullied and belittled, stopped being open and kind and gave up on people. She attacked people first, before they attacked her. Hurt people, hurt people as they say.

Sometimes, things have to happen for you to realize how you have been in the now, make you remember the times that made it hard for you and made you feel so small and humble yourself back to the nice little girl you should always be. Because no matter where you are in life, no matter what status you know have, no matter how hurt you are, no matter how mad you are, you got to be human. Always remember that someone will always got your back, no matter how guarded you are.

Jordan’s back story is about accepting and loving one’s self and not letting anyone else define us. She didn’t like who she was at 13 because of the bullying that she received back then. She changed herself to someone who she wasn’t so that she wouldn’t be hurt anymore.  She became mean so that people can’t hurt her. And she thought that she has been winning because she is like that. Little did she know, that she can win, even if she is just her real self. As a mom, we should encourage our children to love themselves, and what they can do. We can also encourage them to do things that they may love to do and what they can be in the future. We should let them be brave enough to be themselves, do the things they ought to do, let them see the possibilities that they can have, and the wonder of the world around them, as April said.

So that when they are older, and someone might tell them that they don’t fit in or they don’t belong, they will be strong enough to accept that and know that they will always, always have a place in this world. What our children was when they were young will always be part of the mold of what they will be in the future, so let us all make sure that we raise them well as citizens of this world and as they nurture the success that they will gain in the future.

PS. Thank you for some Kevin Pearson happiness here. Gary Marshall.


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