So How do you like your iSteakManila?

I was craving for steak one time because of the MiSoGood Butter I have in my fridge. But I didn’t know where to buy since I thought it was only available in more shala supermarkets like Rustan’s. Little did I know there are small business owners that also cater to your steak needs. I was introduced to ISteak Manila and they’ll do whatever you want for your steak – whatever cut, whatever part you want – your wish is their command.

Here’s my iSteakManila Flat Iron steak, which is actually the second most tender cut of steak and most recommended by steak lovers because of its tenderness and flavor. I cooked it for 4 minutes for medium rare and 6 minutes for well done on each side on our stovetop (induction stove). Of course, I had to try both. One steak, I cooked only with the steak rub that came with it, the other one, I cooked with MiSoGood Butter. I cut it in strips.

I don’t know how to explain it properly, as I am not good in food reviews. But first, I must say how it was really tender. Sa true lang, it is more tender than famous buffet where I usually eat steak. Is it how it was cooked or was it the meat itself that made it so tender? Despite of the flavor that was rubbed to the steak, you’ll still taste its juiciness and it totally made me craved for more.

While eating steak isn’t really something we would have everyday, when we have it, it should be something special and something worth it. Getting your steak fix at iSteakManila will never be a miSTEAK. True to their credo: Your steak, your way. Since their meat is on slab, they can tailor each slice (.5 to 4in) to your request, no minimum. Because it is not pre-packed, no need to buy by the kilo. You want to mix sizes? You can!

There are 4 types of iSteak that you can choose from (top right, clockwise): 1) USDA Flat Iron Choice Grade (lateral cut or trimmed), 2) Brazilian Tenderloin, 3) Brazilian Ribeye and 4) New Zealand Ribeye, all to its premium goodness.

Your iSteak is vacuum sealed and is delivered the same day it was prepared to your preference (coming from Pasig). Billing is based on actual weight. From now on you can eat restaurant-quality steak from the comfort of your home that will definitely not hurt your pocket. Also Available: Steak rub (Kosher salt, pepper, dried rosemary, olive oil), mashed potato and mixed veggies. Steakfection and value for money, I’d definitely go for iSteakManila!

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