#MiSoGoodButter, tastes even better!

If you haven’t tried Miso Butter in your cooking, I swear! You are missing half of your life already! So my friend, Kaye Catral of BentoMommas first made her version in 2016 after seeing it on It’s Judy Time’s YouTube Channel. But it was only during quarantine time last year when she finally decided to sell it, after a couple of her friends who first tasted before it pestered her to make some.

What is Miso Butter anyway? It is actually the first time I heard about it but anything I could put on my bread and whatever simple dishes I cook, is a must for me to taste. Miso Butter, as Kaye says is “everything umami“. Miso is a fermented paste of soybeans, salt, kōji and some other ingredients that adds a salty umami flavor to many Japanese dishes. Miso Butter is that, usually with white Miso or what they call shiromiso mixed, with unsalted butter.

MiSoGood Butter joins the mi-soooo fun by giving us two variants – Heavy, more yellowish which is best for cooking and Whipped, the lighter one, which is best for topping in cooked and hot food. So, instead of the usual oil and butter when we cook steak, pasta, fried veggies, why not add a teaspoon full of miso butter instead? I cook my miso butter in just anything, even my hotdogs, fried eggs and I even spread it on my loaves.

Here is a sample of my tapa and sunny side up cooked with MiSoGood Butter and Steak cooked and topped with MiSoGood Butter as well. Steak is from ISteakManila (Read more about ISteakManila here).

MiSoGood Butter is good unopened in the ref up to 2 months and in the freezer for 4-5 months. Once opened, consume within one month. P299 trial pack – with both heavy and whipped and wooden butter spreader. Follow MiSoGood Butter in Instagram.



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