It’s almost over now, I’m seeing you soon baby

9 months has passed by so quickly.
38 weeks to be exact.
Days and days of waiting.
Tomorrow, I will be induced.
And finally gonna meet my little Coco.

Oh how I will miss everything about this pregnancy. I will miss the stress it gave me, the pain, the joy and all the perks.

During most of my pregnancy, I felt very special be it at home or when I’m out. I guess most (if not all) pregnant women would agree with me when I say we preggers are VIP!

At the MRT or the bus, some men would give their seat to me. Unfortunately, not all men would do the same, nor other females who would act even sleeping even if they see a pregnant lady standing in front of them. I swear, after I give birth and I ride any public transportation, I will give up my seat when I see someone pregnant.

During the times that I’m on bed rest, our helper or my mom would bring me food upstairs. The TV is all mine. I don’t need to do anything even if bed rest mode has been lifted.

At the bank, the bayad center, city hall – any place that requires you to fall in line – they wouldn’t ask us to fall in line anymore, the security would escort me to a special counter. So that I won’t have to wait in line for a long time. Oh, how can I forget not to have to fall in line in public restrooms?

I’d miss being tired and sleepy and always hungry. I’d miss having an extra weight. Even if it’s annoying, I’d miss those stares some human beings gave me as if being pregnant is a sin. But then there are also those people who’d smile upon seeing me. At least there are still people who are happy with my pregnancy. I’d miss eating anything and everything without feeling guilty (not until I was asked to have a fibrous diet because Coco is getting bigger and bigger and my blood sugar levels are increasing). I’d miss taking naps, all the naps I can have. Taking belly pictures and flaunting my belly! The sexiness I feel and the feeling that I am in my most beautiful state of my being. All the extra attention I get from everyone. I get little presents from family and friends all over – mostly for the baby. I’d also even miss not seeing my toes, all of my body parts below my belly because it is huge. And I honestly would miss how I can be a snob, moody, ill-tempered, b!tchy – yes, blame it to my hormones! Pregnancy, the ultimate scapegoat!

I will always, always forever cherish the times when my baby first moved inside me. When I first heard his tiny hiccups. When the daddy kisses my belly good morning or good night. When he talks to my belly and at times, baby responds. When I feel baby squirming inside me. When I first got to hear his heartbeat on the Doppler. Our every week date via ultrasound. When we first saw baby smiled during our 3D4D session (and his succeeding smiles during the other UTZ sessions). Guessing which part of baby is sticking out. Every wave, movement he does. Endless shopping for baby (and the daddy gets mad because I buy him too much pairs of shoes). Oh, how can I forget baby responding to me every time I talk to him or the time when his daddy was talking to him and we really saw how he kicked and actually kicked his daddy’s nose (which was positioned really really near my belly). And baby being jealous of me carrying or playing with other baby boys. That early. I’ll miss. Everything and more.

I will definitely miss having my baby inside me, with no one to share him with, not even my husband.

Yes. I will miss Coco inside me, but I’m sure, nothing beats having Coco in my arms. Can’t wait to see you little boy! Almost there!!!!

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