Welcome to the Outside World, Marcus Angelo!

Exactly 38 weeks is my scheduled induction for Coco’s Normal delivery. I was admitted by 3PM of March 25, 2013. But lo and behold, 9 hours has passed and I’m still at about 8cm and baby’s head, though in cephalic position, hasn’t engaged.

By 1:15AM of March 26, 2013, my first born was delivered via Caesarian section by my Tita/Ninang Dra. Menie Reyes, at St. Luke’s Medical Center – Global City.

Of course, we had our share of Unang Yakap

Our Coco is a 7.5 pounder – 51cm very handsome baby boy.

Of course, we also wanna share our first family picture with you.

So here, we want to share you our pride and joy, Coco!

Thank you to everyone who prayed for my safe delivery!



    • ninang mama deo: di pa nga siya lumalabas pumapa cute na siya diba sa ultrasound, paano pa kaya na nasa labas na siya ngayon. eh kahit wala camera, maya maya ngumingiti. hahaha. kakagigil.


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