Food Wanderer x Lakbay Museo: Home of Filipino Foodies

Our country, the Philippines is wildly known around the world because of our breathtaking beaches and beautiful tourist spots, which we got to know more through Lakbay Museo. Deep in our culture lies our love in eating good food AND sharing them to people around us. Must be why people loves how welcoming we are, especially when we go all out! Thus, our hospitality is very much appreciated by our international visitors. Do we really know the food that makes us, Filipinos special? Mango, Durian, Kapeng Barako, Sisig, Lechon – Do you know in what province in our country they came from? Food Wanderer x Lakbay Museo is here for us to help us get to know our country more through wanderer lakbay museo 1
Located in the heart of the metro, the Food Wanderer x Lakbay Museo is the country’s biggest food art display museum that showcases the heritage of the Philippines through the country’s gastronomy. With over 10,000 replicas of Filipino dishes, this unique museum will give you a better glimpse of the history and culture of the 17 regions of the Philippines.

Lakbay Museo closed its doors last year but the interactive gallery where were our country’s best was showcased, it didn’t leave us for good. But they actually upgraded to a bigger one. Thus, Food Wanderer x Lakbay Museo. How different is Food Wanderer different from Lakbay Museo?  Well for me, it is much more focused with food and Philippine Festivals, instead of the other elements from before. food wanderer lakbay museo 2
Instead of entering through the plane, we now enter through a maskara from Bacolod’s MassKara Festival. We can still enter through the jeepney too. We still see the Batanes Ivatan Stone House and the Ifugao House and Quezon Province’s Pahiyas-design house that showcases their Pahiyas Festival. Always one of my favorite in Lakbay is their Majestic Pastel Mayon Volcano, but now, they have Bohol’s Chocolate Hills.
food wanderer lakbay museo 3
From the entrance, you can also see different stores where you can purchase activities. Pin-ta has beading and coloring activities, Slime-o-holic has make your own slime kits, BaSiMatSi is also present where they showcase different kinds of vinegar that are uniquely Filipino, and I think you can purchase from there as well. 7107 is the snack bar, obviously named after the number of islands our country has.
food wanderer lakbay museo 6food wanderer lakbay museo 5
Filipinos are also known to eat exotic food like that eating insects. At the Haribon Room, one would get to taste Insect Delicacies like Stink Bugs, Jamaican Crickets, Mealworms and Giant Crickets. Eat at your own risk.
food wanderer lakbay museo 7
Oh So Healthy!® Crisps
is a snack brand that is uniquely from the Philippines. Here they showcase the different kinds of snacks they have available in the market. Oh So Healthy!® crisps are made from all natural fruits and vegetables that are pureed, blended together and air baked, NOT fried. Some of their variants are Mango +Sweet Potato + Banana,  Guava + Purple Yam + Banana; Coconut + Purple Yam + Banana, Jackfruit + Pineapple + Banana, Kimchi Crisps and Chocolate Dipped Mango Crisps.
food wanderer lakbay museo 4
Love how they incorporated classic Filipino street games like piko, tiyakad, kadang kadang, sungka, syato, Chinese Garter and tumbang preso in the museum. We were also able to experience playing it. I missed playing those games and it is unfortunate that my son didn’t have a chance to experience playing it outdoors. The Magellan’s Cross is also in this area, where they showcased enticing food from Visayas, with the Cebu Lechon as the highlight.
food wanderer lakbay museo 8food wanderer lakbay museo 9
What’s common in a Pinoy town be it in rural or urban areas is a palengke. We buy fresh fruits, vegetables and all kinds of meats and seafood in the market. In the corner is “ihaw-ihaw” where BBQ and pig liver and intestines are grilled, sari-sari store in every block, bigasan, samalamig, alak, mamang sorbetero and mamang taho. Bagoong and Kapeng Baraka are also introduced in this area.
food wanderer lakbay museo 10food wanderer lakbay museo 11
A similar stage to Lakbay Museo is right at the middle of Food Wanderer. Every so often, the staff would conduct games and showcase our Filipino dance on stage. They still have the suman and kutsinta benches, which reminds us of our well loved Pinoy delicacies!
food wanderer lakbay museo 12
The Mega Sardine’s under the sea still stands still. A room full of mirror with jelly fish in the ceiling and neon lights that reflects seem to give us underwater feels. Both reminds us how the Philippines is rich with water resources that we should never abuse. A room full of white LED-illuminated flowers that seems to resonate the front port of 10,000 Roses Cafe in Cebu that shine bright white at night.
food wanderer lakbay museo 13
Instagram areas that showcase life-sized figures of our favorite Pinoy fruits and street food. From mango, lugaw, durian, tusok-tusok plus a fully ride-able mechanical hog which reminds us of the rodeo! Typical Pinoy home which includes a dining area and a living room complete with a mini tumba tumba and old school telephone. So much to see and pose for the ‘gram! How wonderful it is to be a Filipino that we could enjoy these anytime, right?
food wanderer lakbay museo 14food wanderer lakbay museo 15
Are you in awe of our mahal na Pilipinas? Because I am! Get ready to taste and travel the Philippines in just one go! Food Wanderer is a Philippine wonderland dedicated to people who want to have an in-depth understanding of the famous foods of the country. A Fun, Fresh and Flavorful adventure awaits!

Here’s the current rates:
Online Rate: Php699/pax (instead of Php899)
Walk-in Rate: Php799/pax (instead of Php999)

Book here:

📍 2nd Floor Filipino Village, Ayala Malls Manila Bay Diosdado Macapagal Blvd, cor Aseana Ave, Paranaque
Museum Hours: 12:00NN to 9:00PM, Open everyday
Email at | +63915 009 1032
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