Wandering In Rizal: Little Baguio, Sapinit Road, Antipolo, Rizal

Early through July this year, I’ve been thinking of what to do for my birthday. I wanted to go somewhere so that Coco can run and play freely. I saw in the Instagram of my girlfriend, Cams that she and her family went to a drive to this little quaint road in Rizal. I really wanted to go there. It is so beautiful. I didn’t know there is something like this here at my side of the world. But because my bestfriend, Seska invited me and Coco to go to Boracay with her, I didn’t push through with this plans anymore. Then Lockdown happened again so nothing happened.

Three months after, it is Jhe’s birthday and and community quarantine quite lenient now so I told him my plans. Few days before his birthday, we saw an announcement in Facebook that Sapinit Road’s grass area will be under rehabilitation, clean up and  disinfection. So again I decided to find another destination for us to go to. We were about to drive that day, Jhe didn’t want to go to where I chose to go because it is too far. But he still continued to drive going to Rizal area. I thought we are still going to my second option. But lo and behold, after 1 and a half hours..SapinitRd1
We were really in awe of its beauty. Coco told me he feels like he is in America. He really enjoyed the view going there too, as much as he enjoyed the greens. We were supposed to do a little picnic in one of the grassy areas, but it started to drizzle. So we just stayed inside the car and ate lunch. When the rain stopped, that’s when we finally took our photos.SapinitRd3
I’m not sure how it is during weekends, but when we were there, it was a Wednesday. Aside from us, there were two other families who came and 2 couples riding a motorcycle.

What is nice about it is that, it is just a little more than an hour away from Metro Manila. No entrance fee, not even a parking fee. But you can have a bounty of nature in your minds and in your hearts after.
What can you do in Sapinit Road? Take lots of pictures. Walk around, jogging, biking and have a nice meal with your family – picnic style. Of course, enjoy the grove of pine trees and the nice weather.

Nope. You can’t do work from home there. No signal both Globe and Smart. Yikes.

But please do remember to take nothing but pictures, and leave nothing but footprints. CLAYGO. Clean as you GO. Take care of the grassy sides when you drive on it as you park. Remember that this is a private property and the owner is just sharing the lot to the us.
Photo Tip: Since we were there on a lunch time. I noticed that the shots that we took towards main property is quite gloomy even if it it quite sunny (after the rain), compare to the shots that we took coming from the entrance gate of the property. It is more alive and seems happier. So you might want to check on that.
How to go there by car:
📍 Pin on your waze: Sapinit Road, Antipolo Calabarzon
How to go there by commute:
📍 Jeep going to Cogeo Gate 2 Terminal.
Ride a jeep in front of Puregold going to Bose Boso (Go down by the arch that says Upper Marikina River).
Tricycle up to the entrance gate.

Date visited: October 20, 2021

PS. Don’t forgive to give a tip to the kuya guard. It would make their day!



  1. Pine trees grow well in cooler places. That type of pine tree is planted here in Victoria, and harvested after 15 to 20 years, and turned into lumber for domestic and export use.


    • Ang ganda naman po dyan sa Antipolo.😯😍Super relaxing naman .sarap mamasyal dyan ang daming puno 🌳🌲🌳🌲presko yong hangin.🍃🌬️happy bonding with family🥰♥️enjoy po kayo stay safe po always😊❤️


  2. Yayy… Finally! Ang ganda di ba? Baguio feels, pero sa totoo nainitan kami. Sayang di kayo nakapagpicnic.I’m so happy that there are places like these wherein kids can freely play and enjoy the view.


  3. Wow ang ganda naman ng view jan ma dabest pang outing o stayocation ng pamilya talagang napaka relaxing ng place.


  4. Ang ganda naman po ng palce diyan mmy nakaka relax and super enjoy ang moment bonding with family🥰stay safe po❤️


  5. Maganda ang place mommie and very relaxing pa ang kapaligiran perfect para sa bonding ng buong family. Hoping na makapunta din kami diyan.


  6. Such A Great Place To relax and Have a peace Of Mind..
    Hope makapunta kami ng Family ko dyan One of this Days..We really Love to feel and enjoy. the gift.of nature


  7. Wow ang Ganda naman po dyan pati ng view at makakalanghap ka talaga ng sariwanh hangin need din natin talaga minsan ng gantong quality time ng buong pamilya


  8. Ang ganda po talaga dyan sa Antipolo lalo napo ung church po tapos ung kasoy na mainit init at suman po.. ang gaganda nang mga pine tree.


  9. Ohh wow…😮 Such a nice place to be mommy.. I have been longing and needing for a place to unwind and regain my nearly lost sanity.. being a mom, with so many luggages on my shoulders, the everyday food,milk and diapers,and so on and so forth I have to provide makes my mind burst mommy.. hope one day I can visit that place too.. kahit alone Po I will definitely go there.. time for some me time Naman mommy.. thanks for the free virtual tour po.. looking at your photos makes me feel as if I’m there too.. imagining mommy..🥰


  10. I love the ambiance here moms ,napaka relaxing yung nature talagang ang ganda ng hatid ,Malapit lang din pala to sa manila and its free walang intrance fee.. Very nice talaga ang mapadaan sa ganitong lugar.


  11. Ang ganda nga dyan Mamsh! Akala ko nung una nasa ibang bansa kayo un pala nasa Pinas. Ang ganda ng ambiance, napaka natural. Safe naman ba pag gabi? kasi parang wala kong nakitang street lights?


  12. i love the pine trees. looks like you have been transported to another place pero ang kagandahan neto is its proximity to Manila.


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