Halloween DIY: Mummy Returns from the Dead Bento

Halloween is just around the corner. How will you celebrate it this year when our kids still can’t go trick or treating? For Coco, I prepared a couple of activities that we will do over the next few days. Thought of making a spooky snack with him today. So you have to say hello to my first ever, Bento Box!
THE MUMMY RETURNS from THE DEAD! It is so easy to do. You just need bread, chocolate spread (I used Krimstix Softee Chocolate flavor) and an edible eye candy. How to do it? Just flatten 2 slices of bread. Cut the first one out in a circle, while the other one, you have to cut in strips. Spread chocolate on the circle slice and top it up with the strips. Add an edible eye for it to have a face. Note: I just used white candy here, and dotted it with chocolate because all the edible eyes were already out of stock.
When the mummy is ready, I crushed a few pieces of Oreo cookies, put gummy worms, add chocolate mallows and a couple of chocolate treats to complete the set. I also made a Frankie drink with just a piece of green colored paper and drew it with a permanent market.

Care to share what you will do for Halloween? Let’s trade ideas will you?



  1. Wow ang galingnaman ng Halloween diy nato ma talagang super matutuwa ang mga kiddos naten at napakaganda pang gawing pang bonding with kids . sarap talaga ni krimtix ma .


  2. Wow ang galing naman po ng diy idea na ito mommy enjoy ang kids kahit mnasa bahay lang dila super happy pa din ang Halloween moments nila with krimstix softee ang dami pwedeng idea❤️


  3. Perfect tong pang treats and trick ng mga bata ngayong halloween and mag eenjoy pa sila with softee krimstick . Thank you sa idea mommie, I love it


  4. Wow amazing naman netong Krimstix Softee daming nagagawang twist kahit simple lang talagang mag eenjoy mga kids neto🤩.perfect bonding talaga.perfect pang Trick or Treats.thankyou for sharing Halloween DIY nyo po🥰ma try ko din po ito.


  5. Wow Love this Bento Treats using Softee Krimstix..Kids will surely Love this..Ganda ng Pagkakagawa..My kids Love Krimstix too.Try to do the same as this.Hope they would like it..
    Happy Hallow Eve Ma


  6. Wow cute naman ng activity na ginagawa nya with the krimstix dahil talaga iba ang imagination nila kapag ito ang gamit nila


  7. Perfectly done momsh not bad for a novice and your first ever momsh..Really spooky mommy yet yummy snacks po… Your imagination widens and creativity is seen and honed on DIY stuffs like this PO mommy.. Happy Trick or Treating with your kid.. and enjoy your Spookylicious DIY snacks ..


  8. Napaka cute ng Scary bento na to ma 😍 Napa creative.. Ang ganda talaga nitong krimstix softee pweding pang designe ng kahit anong gusto mo ,pweding pang toppings and masarap pa.


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