Play. Create. Learn at DreamPlay by DreamWorks | Finally Re-opened this 2022

Of the many childhood films that I shared with Coco as he was growing up, a couple of DreamWorks films has of course, made it into the list. Topping it with all of Shrek films whom I have been so addicted as a 15-year old “child” and of course, Kung Fu Panda. Some 7 years ago, I brought my 2 year old Coco at the newly opened, DreamPlay, the world’s first DreamWorks-inspired family entertainment center, located at the City of Dreams Manila.
DreamPlay2022 1
By that time, he wasn’t able to enjoy it well, since he couldn’t do much as a toddler. I thought of bringing him back when he’s older but BOOOOM, the pandemic. Towards the end of last year Coco started his Kung Fu Panda phase. As he was wildly drawn to him as he’s been watching Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness at Nickelodeon, as well as the films via Netflix. I patiently waited for DreamPlay to open again because I knew he’d finally get to enjoy it.
DreamPlay2022 2
Finally, Metro Manila eased its quarantine restrictions and DreamPlay has finally reopened its doors last February 2022 at a limited capacity to welcome back families in a fun and safe environment. One of the safest play spaces for children with a fully vaccinated staff at a Safety Seal-certified venue.
DreamPlay2022 3
DreamPlay by DreamWorks is the first-of-its-kind DreamsWorks-themed indoor, interactive play and creativity center built inspired by the films, of course, by DreamWorks. It is a world-class and revolutionary approach to family entertainment where kids and parents alike can play and have fun with all of our favorite characters from DreamWorks.

As an advocate of learning through play, as well as learning digital technology that is apt to this generation, I am thrilled that DreamPlay is all that I want for my child to experience whether they want to be a Kung Fu Master like Po, a Master Chef like Gingy, build boats at Madagascar, soar through the skies with the dragons, create their own animations, test their physical skills – you can seek whatever adventure you want to pursue at DreamPlay. 

Power of Learning through Play. Whether learning how to bake your own gingerbread or mastering the art of Kung Fu, your favorite DreamWorks characters Gingy and Po will be their to guide your kids through and through. While these activities seems like to be play for them Gingy and Po teaches them skills that they didn’t know they are already doing. Kids learn through imitation and could help boost their confidence.

DreamPlay Cooking with Gingy
In Cooking with Gingy, you’ll learn to cook with Gingy himself! Just don’t be surprised if Shrek and Donkey catch a whiff of your delicious treats and make an appearance too. Tip: We enjoyed this a lot and it is one of the crowd favorite, so I suggest sign up as soon as you arrive! Happens every 30 minutes.


DreamPlay Fast as Lightning Kung Fu Fighting
Enter the Furious 6 Academy and become a Kung Fu master alongside Po and the Furious 5! Height requirement is 100cm.

Pushing Skills to the limit. We wouldn’t know what we are capable of until we try it. In Thread of Enlightenment, our kids’ motor skills, balance, coordination and problem solving skills are tested. While in Wall of Destiny and Leap of Faith, aside from their physical and motor skills, it is actually their agility, determination and bravery that is highlighted.

DreamPlay Thread of Enlightenment
Follow the footsteps of the great Kung Fu masters – two stories above the ground! Test your bravery and balance as you make your way across the Thread of Enlightenment. Height requirement is 140cm. Need comfortable outfit and rubber/closed shoes.


DreamPlay Wall of Destiny Leap of Faith Stairway to heaven
Buckle up to climb the Wall of Destiny, where you will see the Valley of Peace from a dragon’s eye point of view as you test your warrior ability. Leap of Faith/Stairway to heaven is located here in this portion as well. Height requirement is 120cm. Should wear rubber shoes and comfortable clothes with sleeves.

Creativity is amplified. Whether tasked to build their own wooden dragon, design their own sail for their boat or make their own animation, their imagination shall run wild and nothing can limit it.

DreamPlay How to Fly Your Dragon
Inside Hiccup’s workshop, you’ll build your own handcrafted dragon and then learn how to fly it. Height requirement is 100cm.


DreamPlay Dream Studio
Be your own director as you decide on the props, position and moves of your favorite Kung Fu Panda characters! A Taste of how animation works!


DreamPlay Whatever floats your boat
The Penguins of Madagascar need your help to build a boat and sail it down river. But be careful! There just may be a few obstacles along the way. Height requirement is 100cm.

Play while having fun. There’s no stopping us in having fun while watching DreamWorks Animations in the 3D theater, laughing hard while watching the puppet show, or just simply play, climb, crawl, slide, jump and run (carefully)! Just let our kids play their way to the top! There’s no equation to how we can have fun, the only answer is to just enjoy the ride and as the Trolls would say “Happiness is inside us.. we don’t think about it.. we feel it!” (non-verbatim!) Definitely a feeling we can’t stop!

DreamPlay Shrek's Swamp Stomp
Get ready for an ogre-the-top experience as you tour Shrek’s swamp house, the ultimate stomping grounds. Don’t forget to help Shrek find his keys! Height requirement is 100cm.


DreamPlay Afro circus
The Afro Circus has come to town! Dive into the world of foam and fun as your join Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria in this amazing multi-level play area. Participants should be wearing socks. Height requirement is 100cm.


DreamPlay Dream Tales
Storytelling comes to life as some of your favorite DreamWorks characters take the stage in a puppet show all their own. Art sessions are also available in some time slots. No height requirement.


DreamPlay the dream theater
Sit back and relax, and watch some of the best films and TV shows from DreamWorks Animation Studios. This is a 4D theater, so make sure to wear your 4D glasses while watching.

DreamPlay madagascar

DreamPlay How To tRain your dragon berk
How to Train your Dragon’s Isle of Berk and Madagascar are resembled as a playground where kids and kids at heart alike can slide, crawl and climb! Some slides has a height requirement.

Parents can join their kids in most of the activities that is why it is a perfect way to have a one-on-one time with your child. Parents expect to slide, climb and crawl with your kids!

Meet and Greet your favorite DreamWorks character. Usually starts upon opening and continues at least every hour. We got to meet 3 during the time that we were there. The DreamPlay staff are very kind to let me know when the characters are coming out.
DreamPlay Po and CocoDreamPlay shrek po alex the lion
Take a break from having and have a good bite at Chez Gingy. They serve classic American, Italian, Asian dishes – pizza, pasta, pancit, salad, burger, ice cream and drinks. I must say, the food that we order are so good, but I’m more on raving about the pancit canton! Food portions seems big so I can conclude that it is good for sharing, thus the price seems average to me. 90% kid-friendly for me! Check the menu here.DreamPlay Chez GingyDreamPlay Chez Gingy FoodDreamPlay Chez Gingy 1DreamPlay Chez Gingy 2Chez Gingy Menu
Shop for souvenirs of your favorite DreamPlay characters at the DreamShop. But of course, Coco didn’t miss the chance to buy a little Po that he can bring with him wherever he goes.DreamPlay DreamShop
Celebrate your kid’s birthday at DreamPlay. There are 3 party rooms available. Coordinate with the DreamPlay team with regards the packages available. You can email them at Party Rooms
Find time to explore the world of DreamWorks as it brings to life your favorite DreamWorks characters through the latest digital technologies in its various attractions spread to its 5000 square-meter space as it provide providing a one-of-a-kind educational entertainment. Bring your family and friends and have a great time today! 

What you need to know:
🎫 Entrance Fee: Php1,500 (participant fee), Php 350 (non-participant) Kids lower than 80 centimeters in height are free.
🕒 Open every Wednesday to Sunday; 11AM to 8PM – no time limit!
👀 Check Social Media accounts for announcements

✔️ Following IATF guidelines, children must be accompanied by fully vaccinated adults, who are required to present proof of full vaccination.
✔️ To maintain a safe environment, signing of health declaration forms before entry and wearing of face masks at all times are being implemented.
✔️ Safety protocols are STILL implemented.
✔️ Most attractions has height requirements
✔️ Most attractions can be enjoyed by children 7 years old and above (or at least 100cm)
✔️ Attractions can be enjoyed even by kids-at-heart 
✔️ Staff are very assisting, don’t forget to treat them with kindness
✔️ Some attractions needs socks and close shoes
✔️ Outside food is not allowed to be brought inside
✔️ Wear comfortable clothes
✔️ Bring change of clothes for your kids
✔️ You can bring your own water

DreamPlay is located at The Shops at the Boulevard, upper ground floor of City of Dreams Manila. For inquiries and reservations, call 8800-8080 or e-mail or visit Explore more of City of Dreams Manila’s promotional offers, rewards, or instantly check Melco Club points with the new Melco Club App, available for free download on iOS and Android.



  1. AAAAH NAGPUNTA AKO HERE LAST WEEK! OMG! My kiddie soul was sooo happy. Napadaan lang ako while strolling around COM from Starbucks. Tuwang tuwa ako ih


  2. Now that Kidzania has closed, I think a trip to Dreamplay is in order. But wow, the cost is a little steep. Praying we gather the funds to go.


  3. Glad that this place has re-opened! Magandang pasyalan ito for the kids, at ang daming activities. Hindi pa ako anak punta dito, dun ako sa katabing hotel and casino.


  4. My boys were here last 2019 – yeah, Christmas before the 2020 pandemic. Good to see it has re-opened and kids of all ages can come and enjoy again.


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