Sandy’s Pizza – San Juan’s Finest Brick Oven Pizza

Who likes pizza? I’m sure all of you loves pizza, what more if its brick over pizza! There’s something about brick oven pizzas – its perfectly charred-spots, crispy crust, its soft dough, its cooked to perfection and its heavenly scent. You know the drill! Capped off this month with a movie and pizza night with my boy!
sandys pizza (2)
Today’s pizzas were brought to us by Sandy’s Pizza, San Juan’s finest brick oven pizza! I easily became addicted to their “Pepperoni Pizza” and Four Cheese Pizza. It has its distinct unique taste which I’m having a hard time to describe, but it is really flavorful and delicious, especially when you add their special pizza chili sauce, promise! So New York!
sandys pizza (1)
Trivia though: Did you know that this certain Pepperoni Pizza is not just your ordinary Pepperoni Pizza? You know, Sandy’s Pizza started making gourmet pizzas in 2007, making them the first brick over pizza in San Juan. So their old time mommy customers has been requesting for the return of the come back of their “Picky Eater Pizza”. Why is it called that way? It’s for your picky eater child, you know! As you can see in the picture, it is a literal pepperoni pizza, right? But no, it isn’t! The Picky Eater Pizza is made of three cheeses, their very special tomato sauce, which was blended with carrots and broccoli and topped with pepperoni. Voila! Did you even notice it? Hi sa mga hidden veggies na yan! Oh Ha!
sandys pizza (4)
Try it for yourself! Sandy’s Pizza will definitely make a great meal for one’s family, especially that they make each pizza with fresh made dough everyday. Sandy’s pizza is cooked in a brick oven with special ingredients and sauces, catering to the wide array of our customer’s preferences. This includes personalized services such as customized pizzas, greeting cards (birthdays, anniversary, graduations etc) and ribbons.
sandys pizza (3)
You can also customize your order or get the half and half or four flavor sampler or pizza in different shapes. They also have pasta and salad that you can also enjoy! Perfect not only for personal consumption, but also for celebrations! You can order anytime via their Instagram/Facebook accounts, but delivery schedule is based on slot availability.

It all started when Sandy went on a quest to find pizzas that reminded her of New York, but found none, and thus, the story begins. Sandy created her pizza, and the rest is history! Now grab a bite and enjoy Sandy’s Pizza to your delight!


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