Dream Works’ Dream Play

I am so excited to visit the new attraction here in Manila. I am a huge fan of Dream Works films, most especially the 4 Shrek installments. So here we were, grabbing the opportunity to visit the place, while we were at Hyatt Hotel. So, we got to really drop by Dream Play.

But of course, there’s our favorite ogre holding up the sign and greeting his guests and all other favorites from Dream Works films – Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda.

We went there at around 10:45 AM. There was already a long line waiting for us. A line attendant gave me an IPad for registration. It was me, mom, coco and my brother Denzel. It was only my brother who has to pay the full price of the entrance fee since he’s the only one who will do the activities.

Upon entering the right side, it was the Kung Fu Panda area, where my brother was able to the the activities like thread of enlightenment, Wall of Destiny and Fast as Lightning. Coco served as his audience who clapped in everything that he did.

We weren’t able to do anything in the Madagascar, How to Train your Dragon and Dinotrux area.

We watched an excerpt from Inside Out in Dream Theatre.

Then Coco played at Shrek’s Swamp Stomp. That’s the only area he enjoyed at 2 years old. A few minutes later, Shrek came out (at 1:30PM).

We just stayed there for 2 hours since we were trying to catch the 2PM bus going back to megamall. It’s fine with us since we just did some sightseeing for now. Hoping to come back because I want to see Po (3:30PM?) and Alex the Lion (7:30PM?).

Here are the details from the City of Dreams website, regarding Dream Play.


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