Hi-5 Philippines Invasion

So now, the secret is out! It’s been 2 months since the auditions and the final casting and all that, as much as we want to scream it to the world, but I can’t.

My sister Rissey is one of them, and my Coco is the happiest happiest happiest little boy in the world as of this moment. My lil boy is so crazy with Hi-5 – we literally watch in all the time slots in Disney Jr. plus those in youtube. Now, we have 2 more time slots because Hi-5 Philippines will be shown twice a day – whopping total of 4 hours of Hi-5 on TV a day! kakaloka! it’s been over a year since he started to get addicted with Hi-5. Years back, pre-baby days, i’ve always wondered why kids go crazy over them. Then came coco, we love to watch Disney Jr, so we would watch Hi-5 too. Then coco started to dance and sing with them. Like OhMyG, what just happened? And then I got hooked, my husband too. WHaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? Up to this very moment that I’m typing this blog, my coco woke up from his sleep, sat down, and said “mommy, hi-5? with his hands in the air?” what?!

Grabe it’s a real rollercoaster ride for them from TV5 trade launch, media launch, press cons, bill boards (so far they have 2, one in edsa and one in manila), TV/radio guestings, mall shows, pictorials, workshops, recordings, being in yahoomail’s home page, standees, published in newspapers (PDI and Manila Standard so far), blogs posts (one at fashionpulis too, too much harshness!), make overs, brushing elbows with original hi-5’s fely irvine, to being posted in her IG and followed as well, nax! having their own hashtag, their own fan pages, their own fans (Hello Risseynatics!), my gosh my sister is now a legit artista! kapatid ka na!

So far, we’ve been to 2 tapings with kids in the studio but the coco boy is kind of shocked pa. haha. It takes awhile before he realized he is in “Hi-5 House” and that’s just when he will join the other kids in the circle. haha!

So yeah, today was another first for them, their first mall show. We were there already when the mall opened. Even I, was overwhelmed with the crowd. super dami!

so without further ado, here’s Hi-5 Philippines castGerard, Alex, Rissey, Aira and Fred

catch them on TV5 every 3:45 PM Mondays-Fridays and replays at 8:30AM

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #Hi5onTV5 and #Hi5Philippines when posting on social media! Like them on facebook!

Shempre mawawala ba ang photo ops dito?

hey Rissey my sister, I’m so proud of yeah! Like her fanpage too

L.O.V.E ❤

Credit to the owners of the pictures of some of the ones that I posted. TY


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