Ace Water Spa

I really need a swim to refresh my self and a massage to relax, so I decided that we go to Ace Water Spa today. It’s just my second time going here. My first time January 2012 on our anniversary and wasn’t able to go back anymore because i got pregnant and gave birth. Now that Coco is a bit bigger, we could tag him along here.
Proper swimming attire is a must here so you better get your swim suits and trunks ready! I’m not quite sure if they allow floaters, but I think they do with the jacket type. I’m not sure if they allow you to bring one yourself, or you have to rent from them. You also need a swim diaper for toddlers, which you can purchase at Php150 from them.

It’s just me, Jhe and Coco so it was a bit hard for us to do the massaging at the same time. One has to carry the scaredy cat coco so that we can do something. Coco was a bit scared especially with the hard ones. He liked the mild ones though and the one that makes bubbles. He’s so scared of the falls. haha!

Anyway, I had a good relaxation, especially when I was at the lavander pool and dove at the freezing water after. It’s actually better when you don’t have a toddler in tow, but what can I do – my Coco has to be with me wherever I go. I can’t go if he isn’t! #truestory


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