My New Normal Essentials #LifeInTheTimeOfCorona

It's been a year since this unfaithful moment of our lives. It put our lives on a halt. It didn't affect a community, it affected the whole world. Nobody saw that coming. It closed borders and countries to lock down. It shut down businesses and schools. It killed a lot of industries. It forced families... Continue Reading →

Pamaskong Handog sa Pasig 2020

Look how nakaka-proud to be living in this city, Pasig, that is. We are in a pandemic, but our dearest Mayor Vico Sotto were still able to shower us with his 2nd Pamaskong Handog. Hindi niya tinipid what's inside our loot and he really alloted budget for this. I feel like he thought of giving... Continue Reading →

Bike Day

For the last few years, I've known that MMDA closes an area of Ortigas (F. Ortigas Jr Road or formerly, Emerald Ave.) to the public to encourage Carless Sundays. I never knew what was going on on that area at those times, since I was never in that area. In fact, they also close Flood... Continue Reading →

Ace Water Spa

I really need a swim to refresh my self and a massage to relax, so I decided that we go to Ace Water Spa today. It's just my second time going here. My first time January 2012 on our anniversary and wasn't able to go back anymore because i got pregnant and gave birth. Now... Continue Reading →

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