My New Normal Essentials #LifeInTheTimeOfCorona

It’s been a year since this unfaithful moment of our lives. It put our lives on a halt. It didn’t affect a community, it affected the whole world. Nobody saw that coming. It closed borders and countries to lock down. It shut down businesses and schools. It killed a lot of industries. It forced families to stay apart. It caused us our mental health, especially with families who had lost whom they love.

This Covid-19 virus has definitely made an impact to our lives, not only negatively, but also positively. We learned to make do with what we have available. We learned to live a simple life. We learned to connect more even if we are all apart. We listened more, especially to words we couldn’t hear. We learned to appreciate the people who matter, especially the front liners (and the fallen heroes) who have been risking their lives.  I remember how the Earth healed during the first few days of lockdown, I guess, it needed it too. We learned to give more, even if we have less. We learned new hobbies. We sang more. We danced more. We played more. We enjoyed life more. Ironic, right? We learned to embrace uncertainty.

It’s been a year and most of us has started to get used to what they call the “New Normal” – the current way of living that we have – moving on, moving forward from the distress that Covid-19 gave us. Businesses opened for the economy. Travel restrictions has eased up for the tourism and economy as well. Work has gone back to normal. Small events is now allowed. Schools has opened again – at home, though. It is the new lifestyle that we have to adapt, the virus is still out there. They say, it might had gone stronger. We may have vaccine now, but I tell you, we are going to live this “New Normal” life for a while, and we don’t know til when.

With that, I want to share to you the things that has become a constant inside my bag. Things that I can’t leave at home, when I go out, once in a while. 

1. Face Mask with mask box that contains extra face masks. Our face mask is the first layer of protection protection, as you don’t only protect yourself from the virus, but you also protect others as it prevents you spreading droplets from coughing and sneezing. I always bring a spare masks that is inside my box, in case I misplace the one that I that is in used. I always double my mask as well, for better protection. Keep in mind that when you remove your masks, remove from the back and dispose the disposable masks properly. BUY THESE FACE MASK BOX HERE.

2. Face shield. Realized how I’ve been using a face shield that is not so sturdy and kind of blurry. It’s not so bad to invest on a sturdier face shield, especially if I’ll be using it to protect myself, right?
Hello from my lakas maka artistang face shield from Signarama PH.  What I love about their liftable face shield is its sleek design, how it is ultra-clear, lighter than acrylic shields (52 grams), bigger space (can use bigger masks like N95/KN95) and how it is less prone to scratches. Therefore it is more durable. Get the one that is personalized so that you won’t lost yours to another (ehem to my sister @risseyreyes!). It has a personalized pouch, shield, cleaning cloth and cleaning solution. It is now available for kids and toddlers too. Sayang I have one na for Coco pero pagnasira na yun, i’ll order again. Just head over to their website to order! OR HEAD OVER TO SHOPEE, CLICK HERE.signarama2
They still don’t have one for kids when I got Coco’s face shield. The kiddie face shield that I bought for Coco is quiet similar to Signarama’s. I love how it was the perfect size for Coco’s face and how clear it is, as well. BUY YOUR KIDDIE FACE SHIELD HERE.

3. Liquid soap and Alcohol/Sanitizer. Washing our hands is always the best option to keep our hands germ free. Bring a little bottle wherever you go, in case there is no soap available (I used my extra alcohol spray bottle for the liquid soap). Then spray some alcohol after you wash your hand. I have my portable alcohol spray bottle with carabiner hooked at the metal rings of my bag. Somewhere accessible and easy to grab, that I can use whenever I need it. BUY YOUR PORTABLE ALCOHOL BOTTLE SPRAY HERE. Red spray bottle holder (with a lanyard) is available at SOMETHING PERSONAL/MOMZILLA/FUNNEST. Liquid Handsoap is of course, Safe Guard that you can purchase here. NewNormalEssentials3

4. Facemask mask strap and Face mask ear saver, which I use interchangeably. Depends on my mood. But the face mask strap has been a big help for me, because I had a habit of misplacing my face mask. BUY YOUR FACE MASK STRAP HERE. FABRIC FACEMASK AND LEATHER EAR SAVER ARE FROM MOMZILLA PH/SOMETHING PERSONAL/FUNNEST NewNormalEssentials4

5. A sturdy lanyard (mine is made of leather). What is it for? Not all at once all the time – alcohol spray, QR code and my coin purse. BUY YOUR FUNNEST/SOMETHINGPERSONALPH LANYARD WITH ALCOHOL SPRAY HOLDER HERE. Circular coin purse is also from them.

6. If you live in a city that needs a QR code, like the Pasig Pass, have it printed into a pvc card, put in an ID holder and hang it either at the buckles of your bag or your lanyard. At first, I just left the file of the QR code on my phone. But I realized how it hassle me every time I have to use it, I have to look for it on my phone gallery. It didn’t just gave me a hard time, line after me grew a little because of the time I spent looking for my QR code. BUY YOUR HERMOSA LEATHER PH BAG TAG HERE. Yes, this is actually a bag tag!

7. Coin purse. I kept my wallet for the meantime. I just kept my cash in a separate coin purse. If it isn’t heavy with coins, I put it in my lanyard too. I put my cards in a separate pouch. I also don’t have cash often and just rely to contactless payments. I learned how to use G-cash and Paymaya. GOOD BAG Water Repellent Pouch (black) here.  Circular leather coin purse from MOMZILLA/FUNNEST/SOMETHINGPERSONAL.

8. Throat spray. In case I feel an itch in my throat I just spray away. I have been so paranoid, especially during the time last year that I had cough that lasted for a month. I use Apicuria to soothe my throat in case I feel something. BUY YOUR STASH OF APICURIA HERE.

9. Lysol to-go is what I use to disinfect surfaces that Coco might touch. I actually started to use this the first time Coco went out farther that our home and both his grandparents’ home. But I bought this supposedly for our US trip last year, thinking we were still pushing through. Why I don’t use it for myself? I had a hard time looking for this. So I just spare the use of it for my son. I just learned while doing this that it is now readily available at Lysol’s official Shopee account. BUY YOUR LYSOL TO GO STASH HERE.

10. Anti-bacterial cleansing wipes is what I use to disinfect the surfaces that I touch – when I ride the Grab, dine out, etc. BUY WATSONS ANTIBAC WIPES HERE.

11. Very tita essentials are my Tigerbalm Ointment, Beautéderm Au Revoir Soothing Oil and the likes. I use different kinds of balms, oils and liniments depends on my mood and yes, I have a lot in my stash. Why is it an essential this New Normal? For stiff neck, because of the weight I carry from the lanyard around my neck. For shoulder or back ache from the weight of the bag I am carrying. Remember, these days I carry extra things that I don’t normally carry during our normal life. BUY YOUR TIGERBALM HERE AND BD AU REVOIR HERE.

12. Zippies Pouch for storing my essentials. One that is very easy to clean and disinfect. BUY YOUR ZIPPIES POUCH HERE or you can take advantage of Momzilla PH’s sale by the end of March — buy it here.

13. Bringing your own pen is a must. Why? We do a lot of extra writing these days. Especially in establishments that aren’t techy but still do contact tracing by asking for information to be filled up in a form.

14. Though I rarely use this, I got my Safekey from my friend, early last year when we just started the lockdown. I use it when I ride the elevator or use the atm. Buy your SafeKey here or via Hugs&Kisses.PH

15. It has already been my habit of bringing my own ecobag, not only to reduce the use of plastic but also because I don’t rely on the paper bags that are used in the grocery or fast food for take out. Although some say that it is kind of not safe as it can be a carrier of the virus, the best that we can do is to wash and sanitize it regularly.

16. My trusty tumbler, which MomzillaPH gave me and for the utensils I use when I eat out, I prefer to ask for disposable ones, instead of using their sterilized utensils as well as bringing one. I got Coco’s collapsible water tumbler at National Bookstore, but you can purchase it as well at MunchKicks.

17. Vitamins to boost my immune system, of course I have my Mega Malunggay, Mega Mangosteen and Fern-C. Get your Vpharma products via Shopee or via Fern-C here.

18. Grab Bag. A grab bag is something where all of these things are in so that when I go out, I don’t forget anything. I just grab it and go. I actually have 2 bags that I have been using interchangeably. My GoodBag Mesh bag and my Something Personal Bag. Use something that is easy to clean and disinfect. You can get your GoodBag Mesh bag here and your Something Personal Insulated lunch bag here.

19. Long sleeves and Pants./leggings. Especially if I go out using public transportation, it is better to be . Wear socks and shoes as well. You need to be extra cautious because you don’t know who you’ll meet on the way or whether someone has the virus or not. So, better be safe!

Covid-19 is still out there. I repeat. Please please be wary. The pandemic isn’t over. Don’t be too confident. Aside from the essentials I’ve shared, REMEMBER: be patient especially when there are lines, social distance, do self quarantine if you think you will be sick, drink vitamins and eat healthy. Be honest. Let’s us all be cautious of the people that surrounds us, most especially our family. Stay safe and stay informed. ALWAYS REMEMBER, COVID19 IS REAL.



  1. Wow, I am impressed on how you easily adapt to the changes of being in the pandemic. It’s nice to know that we are learning from this experience. But I truly wish that all of these are just temporary


  2. ay! I like Coco’s face shield. I need two of those kasi my kids are so uncomfortable with the regular face shields


  3. We do what we can to protect ourselves from the invisible enemy. It is said that the Philippines is the latest hub of this virus, and I reckon this will take another couple of years. Here in Australia, we need to sanitize regularly and only wear masks when in crowded indoor places such as grocery shops.


  4. The past year has been tough for all of us and we’ve had to adapt a lot! I also thought of writing a blog post like this a while back and we have the same items! I am so jealous of your mask tho!! I want one!!


  5. Same tayo mamsh ng laman ng bag every time aalis ng bahay, dati yung ballpen lalo! dami ko na sa bag kase madalas ako mawalan ballpen and kapag papasok sa mga establishment need magsulat so dapat may sarili ka para less contact to others


  6. Sana dumating na yung araw na memories na lang lahat ang mga pangyayaring ito sa buhay natin. Maraming nagbago at naging bahagi na ng ating buhay. Maybe things really happen for a reason and I chose to look on the bright side. We only have one life so we have to take care of ourselves. Pray.


  7. We have the same “New Normal” essentials! Grabe talaga, 1 year na pero ganito pa din tayo 😦 Nakakatakot lumabas kasi lalo dumadami cases everyday.

    Anyway, I love your personalized face shield! Hehe

    Keep safe always!


  8. Checking your list, halos same lang din tayo ng mga essentials. Ang dami ko na-add to cart because of this pandemic, buti na lang tipid pa rin kasi hindi naman kami lumalabas lagi.


  9. This is our new normal really and our essential needs have been changed. Dati wet tissue alcohol lang ang nasa bag ngayon ang dami na nating need dalhin for protection.


  10. This pandemic truly brought a lot of changes as seen in our new essentials. And I love how pinoys can be so creative in coming up with trendy products like masks and shields. Of course , ung mga alcohol etc are keep getting better din in terms sa quality.


  11. Being extra mindful and making sure you have those essentials when you go out really make a lot of difference in our safety in this new normal. Better safe than sorry. It’s a good thing that I rarely went out during this past year.


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