Join the FERN-C’s #InFERNessDance Challenge

More than anything, it is a must to boost our immunity nowadays. Well, not only during this pandemic era, but at all times. #inFERNess naman din, we have always been using FERN-C (Sodium Ascorbate) to strengthen our immune system. Alamo na bilang isang hands on mommy na ngayon ay #teachermommy pa… kung bawal na bawal magkasakit noon… lalo na ngayon!

Proven na proven namin to, no worries talaga sa hyperacidity because we can take Fern-C even with an empty stomach. Yep, tulad ng ating Popstar Princess, na ngayon ay Mrs. Sarah Geronimo-Guidecelli na, #PriorityImmunity nya for her and her family!
fernc (1)

Kaya FERN it up with #FERNC and I challenge you to bust-a-move with the FERN C #InFERNessDance Challenge (Yes, like that of Sarah G’s) and win up to 48,000 pesosesoses worth of gadgets. So head over to the Official FERN-C Facebook Page for more info on how to join!

But sige, dahil malakas kayo sakin.. I’ll post the mechanics here as well.fernc (2)fernc (3)fernc (4)fernc (5)fernc (6)

Kaya tara na mga friends, let’s do the #InFERNess Dance Challenge na!
You can also check my IG Story Highlights for the mechanics on how to join!




  1. Ayy grabe nakaka LSS yung song sa video ni Sarah G – fern it up with Fern-C! fern it up with Fern-Cccccc! Haha proof na maganda yung song kasi ang catchy LOL! Did you make a dance video too? Go #teachermommy Margaux and Coco! 🙂


  2. I am waiting for your dance mamshie. Akala ko pa naman ito na un. Hehehe! I love the commercial of Fern-c and andaming prizes ah.


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