Dutch Mill Everyday May Goodness, Nag-Level up pa!

These last few months that we’ve been at home lang, at hindi nakakalabas si Coco, means that he has no exercise na nga, no Vitamin D from the sun pa. That’s why I try my best to make him eat healthy food, have lots of rest and ma-exercise din yung brain nya, kasi all he’s been doing is play and watch TV eh. Aside from playing games together and reading books, ang pinakagusto kong nilalaro niya ay ang kanyang Lego and puzzles, para siguradong gumagana ang mind niya with problem solving skills and use his creativity to build.

Now that he has started schooling again, our days has been filled with text-based classes and modules. On to our 4th week of class, when Coco told me that the wanted to do his modules alone. I can’t help but tear up, because that meant I won’t be helping him anymore in understanding his lessons before he answers his modules. I just simply let him go and trust that he could do it because I know he will. Because I have trained him well, I know he would still ask help from me if he needs me and that I give him everything the needs especially for his brain and body development.

One of the things that makes Coco happier and alert is when he drinks his all time favorite Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink. He loves its yummy and creamy taste at ang pinaka favorite niya are strawberry and mixed berries.

Dutch Mill
is the Number 1 Yoghurt drink that offers delicious drinks that gives the brain and body SIGLA with its natural healthy ingredients – fresh milk, fruit juice and cultured yoghurt. And this time, Dutch Mill’s Nu-3-io Plus ay nag level up pa with its new formulation! It now has more B vitamins, more Zinc and more Iodine, kaya both brain and body ay lalong masigla! Thus making our kids mentally and physically prepared, giving them holistic nutrition, as well as boosting their immunity. You and your kids can still enjoy its favorite flavors of strawberry, melon, superfruits, blueberry, mixed fruit and orange.dutchmillflavors

Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink is not only delicious, but also nutritious, perfect for raising happy, smart and independent kids to help prepare them for the future. The best part is, it has no price increase kahit na nag level up ito sa nutrients, that’s why ito ay talagang smart mom approved! Level up na si Coco, pati ang #DutchMillLevelUpPa! Kaya naman sa #DutchMillEveryDayMayGoodness talaga si Coco!


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