#myDSkinGoals Achieved with Diana Stalder

Breakouts in the middle of the pandemic and I don’t know what to do about it. It just left me that feeling of being conscious on how I look like in photos as I do contents for the brands that I am working with. My pre-pandemic skin, which was not perfect but I’m happy with, accumulated dark marks from the breakouts. Confidence check? Don’t even ask.

The thing is, it was also my fault. I didn’t care for myself. I cared less on how I look. I was depressed, anxiety here and there and super stressed – which I’m sure a lot of people felt as well. I was taken a back. I realized I should find time to care for my face and my well-being. You know, as a mom, I have to look and feel good about myself in order to care for my kid better, right?
Finally, I found time for myself. I visited Diana Stalder at their clinic at Gateway. During this pandemic, this is the only branch that they opened, as they wanted to provide a safe environment for their customers and their staff, as well.

Twenty five years ago, Diana Stalder (formerly Dermaline) joined the world of wellness and beauty and quickly made its mark. Then, as well as now, the Center represented beauty and charm. Using its impressive line-up of quality skin care products that aim to satisfy every man and woman’s desire for beautiful skin, Diana Stalder gained the confidence of its highly-discriminating clientele.
Diana Stalder uplifts our self-confidence by helping us regain smooth, healthy, and visibly younger-looking skin. dS has numerous ways of making our skin look and feel better. They offer several treatments to make us feel beautiful when facing any social or intimate gathering with your loved ones or even if we are just at home. Diana Stalder ensures the promise of a better you.

As I’ve mentioned above, the main problem of my skin is the accumulated dark marks that came from my breakouts from last year. I decided to do the Diana Stalder Diamond Supreme Plus. This treatment  helps in exfoliating the skin, lightening acne scars and skin pigmentations. It also includes premium Casmara ampoule that provides the skin nutrients to repair and nourish our skin using gentle and deep penetrating massage.
It’s been ages since I had facial, but it was not the first time I tried to have facial with diamond peel treatment. As my treatment is being done, I realized how extensive the procedure that they were doing to me. Like it wasn’t like that in other skin clinics that I’ve tried before. I also felt how they pampered me with real care with a total of 13 steps.
First, they cleansed and scrubbed my face to prepare for pricking. Since they can’t use the steam to open up pores and soften blackheads, my face was soaked with saline solution instead. Topical anesthesia was also applied to my nose to temporarily numb it during the 10 minutes that my face was soaked with saline solution.
Afterwards, anti-biotic cleanser was applied to prepare for pricking. Whiteheads and black heads were removed from my face through pricking it. It is always a feeling that I hate, especially on my nose, but it was more bearable at that time. Not that it didn’t hurt, it did. Warm compress was done afterwards to open up pores again but cold compressed came immediately afterwards to close the pores. It was the best feeling ever! Diamond peel was done on my face after.  Casmara ampoule was then applied to my face. It is Elastin Repair, which is for dry/reddened skin, which relieves congestion and redness of the skin. Casmara Facial Mask – Vitamin Vegetable Mask 2030 – was then applied to my face, including the eyelids and lips. It was left to harden for 20 minutes. Vitamin Vegetable Mask 2030 lightens the skin tone and contains natural vitamin C from oranges and dill. Anti-inflammatory cream was applied to ease the pain from the pricking.
Last but not the least, the Bioptron Light Therapy was used on my face to tighten pores and reduce the redness of skin. It is the first ever mild laser that was invented in Switzerland. It gives off a better skin structure and skin regeneration. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects.
After my session, I feel like I am a new person and it took me a session in Diana Stalder to feel a better me. There are still a lot of other treatments, not only for your skin, but also for the whole body that you can choose from in Diana Stalder. There is Diana Stalder Dermalift, a non-surgical treatment for firming, lifting and toning of facial muscles, due to smooth contraction of the muscle fiber or keep your nails healthy and beautiful with Diana Stalder Signature Hand and Foot Spa, which is a combination of Manicure and Pedicure with Foot Reflexology to introduce deep relaxation of the muscles tissues and a great source of boosting energy as it clears blockages that improves the blood flow.

This is an after sesh look 🙂

For those who wants to slim down, Diana Stalder Slim Line Procedure is a must, as it tones the muscles and firmly strengthen and contour the body. Diana Stalder also offers FACE WHITENING KIT as your take-home remedy to lighten the uneven skin tone.
Diana Stalder does not only make sure that their clients is beautiful in the outside, but also in the inside. Thus, dS Café was born. It is a healthy food and beverage hub, offering a variety of low-calorie, skin-friendly food, consisting mainly of organic greens, protein-rich dishes with fibrous brown rice, zesty healthy sandwiches, and fresh fruit juices at an affordable price. Trivia: Produce came from their own farm!
Diana Stalder11
dS CafĂ© is open everyday to serve you with delightful dishes that can give us the right nutrients that our body needs. I just can’t explain how scrumptious our meal was. From the appetizer, the entrĂ©e, the dessert, the drinks and our take home cookies! Pictures don’t do justice. You got to taste it yourself.

Are you planning a pandemic get together with your best girls or planning for a bridal shower? No need to look further, have a dS SPArty package only here at Diana Stalder – wide range of skin and body treatments and great food available, why not?! Right?! At the moment, the dS SPArty package is available for 5-6 pax only for 5 hours. No other clients are allowed inside the clinic during this time.
I’m really thankful to have the opportunity to have this get together with co-bloggers for a few hours of pamper me sesh, delicious food and chika minute! It is so great to be out and socialize physically, which is one thing that I’ve been missing the most during this pandemic season. Don’t worry, we made sure to follow health protocols.

From left: Mommshie Jenny of mommshies.com, Tita @ms.Peps, Emman @itsemcay, Ms Diana Stalder, Shayne @shaynevalerienaa, Me, Maite of http://www.MommyGives.com

Diana Stalder expects to use its proven success formula:  enhancing natural beauty, devoid of invasive procedures, using only quality skin care products, guided by the principle that every man and woman can be beautiful in his and her own right.
You may also visit Diana Stalder clinic for a free skin analysis and counseling by a skilled Therapist. To learn more of Diana Stalder’s products and services, visit the official website at www.dianastalder.com and follow us on our social media accounts; Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dianastalderbydermaline, Twitter: @Diana_stalder and Instagram: @dianastalder. You may also visit Diana Stalder at Gateway Mall, Basement 2, Araneta City Cubao. Contact us at (02)351.0299 | +63 917 6218468.



  1. Oh, I am so jealous!!
    My last derma visit was two years ago, I think I need another one. I’m very curious about the slimming program. And that cafe definitely shows how serious they are with it.


  2. This is very unique. I’ve only known one company who offers this kind of service. It’s brilliant. After pampering yourself, relaxing for a while in the spa, you’d be hungry for sure. It’s good not to have to look somewhere else to pamper your tummy too. 2-1


  3. Matagal tagal na din huling pamper sesh ko. This post makes me want to go there!! Gusto ko i try yung dermalift, then foot spa!


  4. Missed doing this. Since I got pregnant and nagka pandemic pa, hindi ko na nagawa to. Glad that they have cafe too. Will visit pag medyo safer na ulit lumabas


  5. Same here, parang nitong pandemic tinamad ako magskincare kasi nasa loob lang ng bahay. Dami ko tuloy naexpire na Korean Beauty products. Magbalik-loob na nga ulit ako sa skincare. 🙂


  6. I want to try Diana Stadler too! I enjoyed reading your blog and I felt some guilt that I can’t even try to pamper myself due to my busy schedule.


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