E-BREAD-ay Goodness with Everyday Japan Tasty by Fuwa Fuwa

Fuwa Fuwa has been my family’s favorite since we were first introduced to it. My son especially, loves its fresh, soft and fluffy goodness, whether it is their flavored buns or their loaves.  I love BREAD, especially ones with creamy fillings, one that I can also just grab and go easily. I remember when I first “met” Fuwa Fuwa while doing the grocery, I was enticed by this fluffy bread drawing, “Fuwa Chan” of the Japanese bread brand, Fuwa Fuwa. I totally grabbed each variant as I’m so excited to taste them all! fuwafuwaeveryday4

D’you know that Fuwa means “fluffy” in Nihongo and it practically describes their breads and will surely give us a taste of Japan. Here’s a selection of Fuwa Fuwa for your to savour.. Mini Loaf Caramel, Select Loaf, Mini Loaf Milk, Vanilla Roll, Chocolate Roll, Strawbery Roll and Custard Bun — All fluffy and scrumptious! What’s your favorite among them? I LOVED the Mini Loaf Milk and Coco loved the Chocolate roll! How about you?

This year, Fuwa Fuwa is sharing with us their new #EverythingJapanTasty! It’s still their delicious white loaf that we know, only bigger. It still has a soft and moist texture, comforting aroma, and smooth mouthfeel that we would sure want to have everyday! Happy to have known that we have our favorite Fuwa Fuwa everyday.

I’m a bread person-type of girl. I can eat it just right off the bag even without palaman, and that’s how it is with Everyday Japan Tasty by Fuwa Fuwa. It’s soft Japanese quality and freshly made aroma will make you want to grab for more.. like finally getting your favorite sandwich spread, peanut butter, butter or jelly spread. Satisfaction guaranteed, but you’d end up eating it with your eggs, bacon and sausage, coffee or even tea, toast it or just leave it like that. SSShhhh.. sandwiching my pancit canton in it at the moment. I can have it a-bread-y day and I wouldn’t complain. Plus points on its affordability. 

Perfect for your family and even for home celebrations. Share it with your loved ones now! I got my Everyday Japan Tasty by Fuwa Fuwa in Rustan’s Supermarket. It is also available in selected supermarkets such us Robinson’s, Shopwise, Marketplace, Landmark, Unimart, Cash & Carry, Hi Top, Waltermart, Pioneer Center and SM Hypermart, as well as convenience stores like 7-11 and Family Mart within Metro Manila!

Grab your Everyday Japan Tasty by Fuwa Fuwa now and experience Japan-quality goodness!

FOLLOW THEIR SOCIALS – INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK and visit www.fuwafuwa.com.ph for more info.


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