My Globe x Netflix Account was Phished

Last January, for the first time ever in my life. I was scammed. It is just so weird that I wasn’t that quick-witted to realize things that moment. I was soo worked up with work and was so stressed. That is why when I received a text message from an unknown number and received another one, from Netflix itself, I just sent whatever they needed from me. It was 10 minutes later when I realized that I think I was phished and that was when I received a message from a Globe generated number about my Netflix Gift expiration and my subscription has been auto-renewed to the paid Netflix. I immediately changed my Netflix account password thinking it would be compromised.

Here are the copy of the screenshots of the text messages that I received.
netflixglobephished (2)netflixglobephished (3)netflixglobephished (1)

A few days after, I received another message from Globe that my spending limit has almost reached its limit, and I found it weird because I don’t use my mobile number for any other non-Globe transaction and any other concerns. It wasn’t clear in the Globe One app what it was but it says that I have a VAS or Value Added Services. I didn’t have any because I don’t need any other subscription from Globe. That’s when it sunk in to me, it must be the Netflix subscription.

And it isn’t mine. Why? I have been a Netflix subscriber since 2015 and I have been paying them directly via credit card and not by my Globe account. It is just impossible and it is weird for them to be able to use my Globe number for their account when it is the one connected to my Netflix account, which by the way, isn’t verified by Netflix to be used to retrieve my Netflix account, if in case I forgot my password,, I can’t use it. When I was speaking to Netflix’s customer support, we were able to verify the account and she was able to see it immediately as I verify it. If I was able to verify my account, wouldn’t there be a problem with the person who was using my number? I don’t know.

I was at first trying to contact Netflix and Globe via their social media accounts. But Globe’s no help at all because of their autoreplies and Netflix just doesn’t want to notice my messages and comments to check my direct message. It took awhile before I was able to report it to Globe Service Center and I was informed that it is indeed a Netflix subscription and I have to connect to Netflix about the situation. The one who assisted me was supposed to block my Globe number from Netflix, but she realized that it is the same number that is connected to Netflix. She told me that my number would be blocked and I had to change it all in all if Netflix won’t be able to help me with this. At that moment, mid February, the new billing statement hasn’t been out, so the Netflix charge was still an unbilled charge, Globe customer support told me to schedule an appointment 4th week of February when the new bill has rolled out. Take note, they didn’t call me at all.

Last night, I was checking my Globe statement of account to check how much I’m going to pay and I was in shock when I saw that it was way over what my normal bill was. Then I suddenly remembered about the Netflix subscription and lo and behold, it is indeed in my statement of account. I immediately booked a call from Globe so that I can sort it out and remembered that I was told to log in Netflix via my laptop and I will be able to launch the live chat support from there.

Netflix customer support (Risa) was very helpful and explained to me all the information that I need. She also told me that she doesn’t see any other account connected to my contact number but the account that I have been using. I only have to contact Globe so they can block future charges and dispute the one that I’ve already got charged on. Cancelling the subscription that was using my contact number won’t affect my Netflix account because I pay them directly.

She also asked my help if I could report it to Netflix. She sent me an email where I will forward the text message that started it all. I hope they could trace the scammers, so they wouldn’t be able to scam anyone anymore.

Moving forward please be wary of phishing messages and fake websites. Netflix mostly communicate with their subscribers via email Triple check before you click a link or send messages, especially if it contains your important details. Check the email address of the company that supposedly sent you a message if is their official way of communication. Mostly if it is a scam, it has misspelled words that would seem the same. If it requests for your personal information it isn’t legit because big companies like Netflix and Globe doesn’t work that way. If the email or text message has a sense of urgency, that is a red flag. Try to contact their official numbers and emails first.

As of the moment, I have already communicated with Globe Telecomm and they have already blocked new Netflix charges and bill adjustment has been requested.

Hope this doesn’t happen to you. Always have presence of mind. Huhu. Why didn’t I have that at that moment.

1. Log in to your Globe One app.
2. Find the MENU portion and click ABOUT.
3. Click the blue GLOBE-like icon.
6. Select ASSISTANCE TYPE – either via mobile or in-store help pod (you will have to go to the nearest Globe Business Center to you.
7. Pick the date and time you want Globe to call you or when you can visit the pod.
8. You will receive a text message to confirm your appointment. They will also update you when they are about to call. Most days they call in schedule, sometimes they don’t. Unfortunately.
1. On your desk stop/laptop browser, log in to
2. Click Help Center or go here:
3. Scroll to the bottom and you will see START A LIVE CHAT

May 2021 Update.

So I thought Globe and Netflix problem is fixed. Unfortunately not.

When I received my March 2021 Globe bill via text message, I wondered why it is way over my expected amount, lo and behold, it has an extra Php133 and it points to Netflix in the billing statement. I paid my bill without including the Php133 for Netflix and tried contacting Globe. This time I kind of have a hard time with the appointments I made with them. I kept on receiving text messages that notifies me to pay my overdue balance which I didn’t really want to pay but ended up paying because I didn’t want my line cut.

I tried and tried to set an appointment still. I woke up one day getting a notification that they cut my line because of the overdue balance (April 2021 Bill) which I refused to pay until they get to contact me. “Luckily” that same day, a Globe support called me up about my billing concern. Since they are fully aware of my concern and they have records about it, the support easily readjusted my bill for April – removing the Netflix fee and the one that I’ve already paid from March (Php 149 each month). Line was reconnected a few minutes after.

I haven’t opened yet my May 2021 statement of account, but I received a notification via text message that I have already exceeded my credit limit. So via Globe One account, I opened my SOA and saw Netflix again on my bill. I haven’t spoken yet to Globe but I will update again as soon as I speak to them again with this matter.

JUNE 2021 Update.

June 24 in the afternoon, I was wondering why I couldn’t sent text messages but I could call up any Globe number. I woke up today, June 25, still couldn’t send a message, but I finally know the reason why. I received a text message that says Globe has stopped my outgoing services because I have already exceeded my limit. My limit is only an additional 500php which I don’t usually use because I don’t really call other networks unless, I really have to and I am not that using text messaging these days. When I opened the Globe One app, to look at my statement of account for the most recent bill with due date, July 3, 2021, it is because of the Netflix billing. I am aware that there will still be an upcoming Netflix bill coming, but I  didn’t realize that it could affect line that much.

I was able to speak to a Globe representative this time by calling the Globe hotline 211. He was able to assist me after he asked for authorization from my mother. It’s just weird how after a decade, they would ask us for authorization because my account is under my mom’s name. Even if this Netflix issue has already been resolve by myself, Globe knowing I am not the account holder, but the daughter. Anyway, he was able to waive the billed Netflix subscription. But 12 hours after my conversation with the customer representative, my statement of account in Globe One hasn’t change a thing, nor my line has been reconnected. Usually, after I have readjusted my bill, it would reflect a few minutes after. Today is something.

June 26 – I called the Globe Hotline again since I couldn’t book any appointment with Globe SM East Ortigas who knew and fixed my issue. The customer service rep told me that my request for readjustment has been denied. I explained already that the issue has been addressed already but she was asking me for details and proofs. I told them it is already with Globe. Because why else will they readjust my bill monthly without any explanation if they don’t have any record of this issue, right? So customer service rep again requested and it was approved right there and then. She mentioned that I will receive a text message regarding the readjustment and my line will be reconnected within 24 hours. Few minutes after the call, I received the text message from Globe that my bill has already been adjusted. Globe One app shows that my statement of account has been changed as well. Now, all I have to wait was for them to reconnect my line. Despite of this, I still opted to book an in store appointment for the following day.

June  27 – So the in store customer service said she will do manual blocking for Netflix on my account and it will reflect after 3 days. My line will be reconnected within 24 hours, yet again. Mentioned that if my line still isn’t reconnected after 24 hours, I contact them via Globe One app.

June 28 – I was trying to book a mobile appointment for Globe SM East Ortigas, but to no avail, I couldn’t because there are no available slots. I actually thought I was able to, but it was an in store one. I tried to send a Viber message to Globe representative from SM East who called me before. He finally sent me a reply after I told him how I couldn’t book any appointment. He told me that he will email for further assistance but upon checking my line isn’t disconnected. The only help he gave me though was try to do the call barring thing. Of course, after I gave feedback after I did that, he didn’t reply to me anymore.

June 29 – My line is still not reconnected. I couldn’t book any mobile appointment with Globe SM East Ortigas. I tried all options and for those that can get a booking, it is only available for July schedules. I was able though to book an instore appointment but I can’t go out on weekdays. I called Globe Hotline once again. I don’t know but I had a feeling that this lady I am speaking to was the one who was really able to fix my line, as she sent a request to the pertinent department to reconnect my line. It seems that my line hasn’t been reconnected because my the exceeded limit hasn’t still been removed, when I didn’t have to have an exceeded limit, that is the main thing that she had fix.

June 30 – Because there is still no update with my line. Once again, I called the Globe Hotline (because I couldn’t book any appointment at the Globe One App). The customer service rep mentioned that she was also the one who I spoke to and who had readjusted my bill last Saturday. She was surprised that my line hasn’t been reconnected yet. She was so sorry about it and she will try her best to find out the what the issue was. She told me that even though we have already removed the Netflix bill, my limit hasn’t been readjusted yet. She thinks that another Netflix bill has generated. It took a couple of waiting times for me before she was able to find a conclusion. She asked me to pay for the Php503 unbilled charges. I asked if it won’t go directly to my currently due charges (due date on July 3). She said no it will go to my unbilled charges. I paid via BPI since GCash was acting up that time and because BPI isn’t real time, CS said that she will have to process my line reconnection once it reflects on their end, which she promises that she will do. I also received a text message from Globe today that my P199 bill adjustment has been processed.

July 1 -I received a text message that my Php503 payment has already reflected in their end. But when I checked my line, it hasn’t been reconnected yet. In the Globe One app, my exceeding limit hasn’t refreshed yet and my bill that is due has went down from Php999 to Php297. It seems that my payment went straight to my due bill, the Php199 bill adjustment has also reflected as well. I waited the whole day for my line reconnection. None.

July 2 – I called Globe Hotline again. CS checked through the history of what transpired the last few days, put me on hold and returned by telling me that she will increase my spending limit to Php600 instead of Php500 (which always was consumed by the Netflix bill, which lead to my disconnection). Right there and then, my line was reconnected. Just 2 minutes from adjustment. Imagine that. All my time wasted and its the adjustment who reconnected my line. I also confirmed manual blocking of Netflix. I will confirm this again on my next statement of account with Globe.

July 15 – On my newest, statement of account, lo and behold, hello to the Netflix subscription bill. I’m tired of this already, Globe. How long will we be doing this? 4 months already. ugh.

Question and Answer Portion

Questions that was asked of me when I shared this blog

What don’t you just cancel your direct Netflix payment and just shift it to paying through Globe? My Netflix account has been alive since 2016. I started paying for the premium account which I share with my family. It is billed through my Mom’s credit card. I don’t want to shift it to my Globe account because I will be forced to pay the whole thing if and when my siblings forget to give their share. As to using my mom’s credit card, we are all oblige to pay.


  1. Lets be more careful talaga lalo na da panahon ngayon marami mapansamantala, mabuti naagapan mo momsh. Thanks for sharing this awareness


      • Hi po, na solve po ba ung problem nyo na scammed din po kase brother ko now lang namin na kita because of the bill. Pag po na blocked ung number sa netflix hindi na po sya sasama sa next bill?? Huhuhu premium po kase ung samin sana matulungan nyo po ako thank you


      • Nagkaproblema pa po ng april may june.. pero madali ko naman ponh napa adjust kasi alam naman po nila ang kaso. Tinawag lang po. hopefully po sa July Bill wala na pumasok. Mag update po ako ng post ko sa next bill ko.


  2. Sorry to hear that, scammers are everywhere, be extra careful, good thing they didn’t get a direct access to your credit card.? how and where did these people got your personal info? for me, if I am in doubt of something like email or text, I always call they direct line . I don’t wan to transact on text or phone calls especially with subscriptions like this


  3. sorry for this terrible experience, at least we learn something. be careful next time, if you are in doubt of something, always contact the companyy before replying. I always get spam from phone calls and email but I never reply…


  4. Oh no. Globe postpaid din ako. Thank you for the heads up. Ginagamit ko pa naman ang netflix na offer ng globe included sa plan ko. Grabe sila. Okay lang mommy, next time mas vigilant ka na kasi may experience ka na sa ganyang modus e.


  5. Ingat ingat lang talaga tayo dumadami mga scammers at mapagsamantalang tao ngayon. Totoo kaya yung mga chep Netflix subs na nakikita ko sa mga SNS or baka yun yung binebenta ng mga scammer tulad ng nangyari saýo?


    • The Philippines must have a law about simcard registration to avoid these kind of scam. Data mining including the collection of mobile numbers must be regulated.


  6. Omg!!! This is scary and ang hassle ng everything you had to go through! I think this is you always hear na you should share your otp no? Ganito pala ginagawa nila!!! People talagaaaaaa. Ingat nalang po palagi!


  7. It happened to us, I mean sa company ko. I am handling kasi HR and IT Dept. So all phone lines and billing samin. May 1 store kami sa Pampanga may Netflix charges. So the Acctg informed me na they will not pay for it and mag investigate. We found out mamsh kasi nakikita ung place saan naka log in nasa Mindanao. And ilan silang users na gumagamit. Na hacked sya. We tried na i-retrack the billing pero hindi na daw pwede kasi nakapag subscribe na. As in nag enjoy sila for how many months during the lockdown. Nakaka inis!


  8. Naku possible pala ito. Thanks for sharing this awareness sis. Will share this sa FB page ko to spread awareness narin lalo na dami ngayon ng offer online ng cheap subs


  9. Maybe you were just hungry or thinking too much that you weren’t that aware. I am glad that things have worked out for you even if it was such a big headache 🙂


  10. browsing thru net and stumbled upon your blog.

    Yan nangyari sakin ngayon.. My kid had my phone during the time the scum-mer txted that same message.. and was replied with the code.

    may VAS set yung account ko.. bigla nalang di maka tawag at txt.. na lock pala dahil sumobra sa set limit..

    wala pa naman akong netflix account.. grrr. holy week pa,, e sesettle ko pa sa monday.. the globe’s online support is utterly useless in this kind of problem.

    lockdown, lock din ang cellphone haha!


    • nakakabad trip ngayon pa nasakto. gawin mo na lang yung ginawa ko. chat netflix sa web browser sa laptop/pc and then book an appointment sa globe na tawagan ka nila. hopefully my post was able to help you. buti ka nga anak mo eh, di mabiblame.. ako mablame ko sarili ko tangitangi lang that moment hahahaha para sa tshirt at mug huy! hahahahahaha


    • Hello maam daki, may update po ba kayo sa nangyari sa globe postpaid nyo? May netflix billing pa ba din kayo nung may and june ? And na fix ba ni globe ang problema?


  11. Hi. How did you contact globe? I reached out to netflix however they could not verify the account since there is none linked to my number. They told me globe and send them a screenshot of whar globe should do. Pls enlighten me… i have also the same problem now.


    • Log on po to Globe One app and go to MENU –> About –> click the circle logo beside facebook logo –> Book a store appointment –> get started –> put appointment type and assistance type ( via mobile or instore help pod)


  12. Did Globe adjust your bill or will they likely honor bill adjustment if this is the scenario? My husbands corporate plan was also phished on April 26 and the bill came today.


    • hi i thought they fixed it already. but until not it still shows up on my billing statement. i just scheduled a call from them, they adjusted my two last bills. but this newest one it has it again, so im scheduling another call. so yes they do bill adjustment since they know the issue. but this upcoming call ill be scheduling i wll now question why it keeps on popping out until now.


  13. Hi po. I experienced the same scenario. Can you please provide me the email address of netflix so I could also raise my concern? I was really scammed 😦


    • hi i dont have the email of netflix eh. just log on to the netflix website via your web browser sa laptop/desktop not via mobile ha. then you can raise the concern there. me sasagot naman agad. then contact globe as well about this. schedule an appointment (call) sa Globe One account.

      Ill upload the steps on how to contact them here. be back tomorrow siguro


  14. Experienced this ngayon lang 😦 any updates? Nasasama pa rin po ba sa billing niyo hanggang ngayon?


    • Hi po from last usap namin ni globen papasok pa sya sa incoming bill kom pero sa next hindi na daw hopefully. Madali naman po ipareadjust yung bill basta me record po. Pero nakaka hassle lang kung paulit uli yung readjust.


  15. This happened to me earlier! Got caught up in work too and I just replied with the code sent to me to the number asking for it. Kainis. I should have known. Already contacted Globe for a cancelation of the subscription under my number. Will also report and ask for a reversal when my bill comes reflecting the same. I’m just worried when I saw your update that the charges are still made in your subsequent billings. Is it still reflected in your current billing?


  16. Thanks for writing about this. I just received a similar text message and code from ‘Netflix’. Since the message came from an unknown number and not from ‘Globe’, it seems suspicious. True enough, it’s a scam pala talaga.


  17. Hi ma’am , this happens also to me ngayon lang po, nag try na po ako contact sa netflix and ang sabi lang nila is hindi po nila ma locate ang account,tanong sana , ano po ba pwede magawa ni netflix dito ? Ma cancel po ba nya yung subscription para hindi na po ma auto renewed? And ma cancel po ang future payment. , and , Ask din po sana ako if ano na po update ? Na manual block po ba ni globe ang subscription sa netflix, until now pa din po may netflix billing pa din kayo?


  18. Ito din nangyari sa akin ngayon lang marami na pala silang na scam,
    For my case po na contact ko na si netflix regarding po sa problem ko and sabi lang nila is hindi daw po nila ma tract yung account and mag contact lang daw ako kay globe for this matter . Ask po sana ako , yung sa inyo po ano po sabi nang netflix ? May nagawa po ba sila to trace the account para ma cancel po subscription para po hindi na ma auto renewed?
    And may update po kayo sa globe if na manual block po nila yung netflix subcription sa globe postpaid nyo?
    Yung akin po kasi premium so medyo malaki po kinakaltas and corporate number kasi . Thanks po sa feedback


  19. Hi, I’m experiencing the same exact thing atm. Nakakaloka. My husband was the one who accidentally gave the otp to the scammers kaya nagamit yung globe postpaid namin. Any updates po regarding sa issue? Di pa din po ba nabblock ni globe yung netflix sa number mo? Just by reading your experience nasstress na ako sa mapagdadaanan namin just to have it remove on our account jusko


    • ito nga dear, latest update ko kahapon ba, nasa bill ko pa din. tawagan ko pa lang sila. stress! tapos siguro mga 5 days ko na bayad yung bill ko. aba tawag sila ng tawag kanina na magbayad na daw ako. luh.


  20. Wala nang solution dito. Now on my 2nd month. They said it’s been removed from my bill as Netflix but is now under “Web Application”. Globe B.S.


    • yeah its my 4th month na nasa bill ko nga. inalis na daw as of last issue na inayos namin. sana me maayos pa din. okay na inaalis nila ang bill, nag hindi eh yung paulit ulit ako na kailangan tumawag at mag explain


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