Fully Covid-19 Vaccinated!

It’s been a month of waiting for me to receive a message from the Pasig City Local Government Unit for my Covid-19 vaccine schedule. I updated my Pasig Pass Health details as soon as I read the go signal to do so in the second week of June. My husband, though updated his, a day later, was vaccinated a few days after that. At this time, he has already been fully vaccinated for around 11 weeks already (July 8). I am anxious already but of course, I am still willing to wait. Mid-July, I even went to the Barangay Health Center with my sis in law and nieces to do another profiling.
WanderWomom Covid 19 Vaccine 4
My mom who now lives in Mandaluyong, registered me and my brother under their condo’s name. I was going to register in Quezon City because we also have a property in the area, but I always forget to do so. I was praying for a message to come. Sabi ko nga, pa-birthday mo na sakin Lord. A day after I went for profiling, my mom got a call that my brother and I are scheduled for our shot.
WanderWomom Covid 19 Vaccine 1
Although it isn’t the LGU that I wanted, because I am very loyal to Pasig City, I go for the first call who would be able to give me my jab. I am all for any vaccine, although I more likely want Pfizer, Astra Zenaca or Moderna. I am also open to any vaccine that would be available on the moment I am called. Thank God, my prayers were answered and my birthday wish came true. It is 3 days shy from my birthday when I got my first dose – July 15, 2021.
WanderWomom Covid 19 Vaccine 5
First Jab. Although lines open at 8AM, I arrived Forum Robinsons at 10AM. I was in line from 10:10AM. By 11:08AM, I was at the step 1: pre-registration counter. They checked if my name is in the list. The problem is I am not registered via MandVax yet. It should be easy but was having a hard time loading their website link that I scanned through their QR code. I asked help from one of the people in charge. I thought I had no choice because I wasn’t registered. But they were so gracious because it is an error on their end, they brought me directly to the step 2: registration validation. They were going to do my validation manually, but the staff thought of trying to enter MandaVax via Google. I was able to register smoothly. It took a couple of minutes before I was assisted, but it was fine. I also had to answer my forms first.
WanderWomom Covid 19 Vaccine 7
I was then directed to step 3: counselling, where I was asked of any illness, etc. I was then directed to go to step 4: vaccination area. I though I was still lining up, but nope. I didn’t even had the chance to breathe. I got my first dose of AztraZenaca at 11:50AM. For step 5: Observation Area, I waited for a while. I was then called for our briefing and I was out at exactly 12:10PM. 2 hours worth to be one step closer back to the normal life we have.
WanderWomom Covid 19 Vaccine 2
I knew that there are effects to watch out for with AztraZeneca and different effects happens to different people. Here’s mine: 1.) Heaviness on my vaccinated arm for the first 12 hours. 2.) Felt so cold and felt so hot during the first night. 3.) No fever but uneasy, groggy and restless. 4.) A vibrating sensation on my ears during midnight when I stood up from my sleep. 5.) Feeling for tired even if I just walk up for 4 days. 6.) Whole body was in pain, especially my back until day 3 post vaccine. 7. ) No appetite for 3 days. 8.) Vaccinated arm ached so bad for 6 days, which made it hard for me to sleep on my left.

I woke up day 7 post-vaccine like nothing happened at all, my arm isn’t aching anymore. For the whole week, I was still working my whole shift and still teaching Coco with his lessons.
WanderWomom Covid 19 Vaccine 6
Second Jab. It happened 10 weeks from my first, September 23, 2021. The vaccination process was faster this time. I filled up the form, registration validation, counselling, my second jab and observation. I was done in exactly an hour.

Right at the moment I was jabbed, I felt the vaccine lingering in my veins. It didn’t feel that way during the first dose. It was around 4PM when I felt that I wasn’t feeling well and I wasn’t home yet by then. As soon as I got home, I took a bath and fell asleep. I woke up 3 hours after to cook dinner and do modules with Coco. I was still nursing a headache. It was only during the second night when I started to feel hot but I didn’t have fever. I still have migraine up until the 4th day post-vaccine. This time my vaccinated arm didn’t hurt and I was able to sleep soundly every single night, despite the migraine.WanderWomom Covid 19 Vaccine 3
What you need to know about AstraZeneca:
The vaccine is recommended even for those with comorbidities. But it is still best to consult your doctors. Pregnant and breastfeeding women can also take this vaccine. The only group that isn’t recommended with this vaccine are those in the age group 17 years old and below, depending on further studies. The recommended dosage is two doses given intramuscularly (0.5ml each) with an interval of 8 to 12 weeks. There is no update yet regarding booster shots for those who were given this vaccine brand.

It doesn’t meant that we are now vaccinated, we are now 100% safe from Covid-19. It isn’t the case. Even those that are vaccinated, regardless the brand is can still acquire the virus. It can though protect an individual from extremely serious cases like death. That is why it is still important that we still follow the health protocols that was given to us. We shouldn’t go out, if it is not needed. Social distancing, face mask, face shield and alcohol is still must when going out.

The most important thing now is that we are vaccinated. I am a mom and I did this for my son, Coco. I chose to be vaccinated because he still can’t. Because by being vaccinated, I will also be able to protect him from the virus. We’re almost back to normal. Let us all do our part in making this happen. So if you know anyone who isn’t vaccinated yet, encourage them to do so. We are one step closer to what it was. One step closer to hugging our family and friends again. One step closer to travelling left and right. One step closer to freedom. We’re all in this together, right?

February Update: Sharing that despite the fact that we are double dosed, we still got infected with the virus and was part of the thousands of sick individuals during the Omicron surge in early January. As my Cocobear finally got his Covid-19 vaccine and dada got boosted at the same day, I also was finally able to get my Covid-19 booster last February 16.
WanderWoMom Booster Covid 19
I was just actually waiting around for MandaVax to contact me since that was where I got my first 2 doses. I didn’t actually have the luxury to go to different vaccination sites that allow walk ins because I might need to fall in line and it would take time. My mom, despite of being retired still have perks with his former workplace. She was able to secure a slot for me. It is privately procured, meaning it is not from the government. I got Moderna for my booster shot. I didn’t feel anything at all, but the slight swell from the arm where my booster shot was administered.

August Update: We are preparing for something exciting that is why I needed to get my 2nd booster as soon as possible – that is if they are already allowing those that are not under the priority group. I went to SM last Tuesday to check on something, but also decided to ask them about vaccine availability. Lo and behold, 30 minutes after, I was already jabbed with my 2nd booster, Pfizer this time.  Didn’t realize I would go home jabbed and groggy.
2nd Booster Covid 19 Vaccine
I wasn’t feeling anything the whole day, except for the headache I suddenly got before I was about to sleep plus my arm was aching so bad. Good thing, it was gone the next day. I really had a very deep sleep, good thing I advised my superiors that if I wasn’t online by 9am, it meant I was still asleep due to the vaccine. Anyway, everything was gone the following day.

Have you gotten your booster shot already? Did you have a different vaccine from the first 2 doses? Do you think this will be a yearly thing for us now?


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