Life Update: Covid

I’ve always thought my family and I will be prancing around exiting this pandemic without getting hit by the virus. You must realize that no matter how careful you are, or even if you don’t really go out, it can still hit you. I started the year with a 4-day intense migraine, Coco and I evacuated our home until our situation progressed, to we all know what. I’m just thankful that we all wore our FaithMask so well, it was a mild one and we recovered fast.

Our last hug before we left the hotel, despite seeing my antigen test with a faint line.

There were moments of in denial, especially with the husband. We left him to spare Coco from acquiring the virus. He was mad at first. It must have made him felt abandoned, even though it wasn’t really the intention at all. Doctor’s orders. We went home 2 days after. A lot of sacrifices has been made from – who’s staying where, food preparations and all. At times like this, team work is all you need to survive. Very thankful that what we got was very, very mild. Most likely our boosted immune system helped a lot and of course, being vaccinated.

Thank God that Coco only suffered for 2 days and didn’t feel any odd symptoms. Grabe. The moment that I am finally able to hug and sleep again beside Coco was surreal. The harder he cried while we were putting him to sleep at night, I cry the more. It was only 12 days, but I knew I couldn’t last another day without him.
Thankful to everyone who was with us during this ordeal. We wouldn’t be able to manage everything if it weren’t for them. For now, let’s all stay home, eat healthy, drink lots of fluids, boost your immune system, mask up if you really really really need to go out, have some alone time for your mental health but also enjoy lots of precious time with your family as we wait for omicron to subside and hopefully start the end of the pandemic. Pls be vigilant. Once you experience any symptoms, isolate!

We are now free, negative unmasked at home and so excited to finally start a peri new year! Welcome 2022!


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