In The Mix Sweets’ Strawberry and Mango Donuts

You know how simple things like a piece of donut would make us happy, right? What do you think about these fruit-filled donuts? Omigosh! ❤ Now I’m dropping everything I’m doing to savor all the goodness that are in these boxes full of not your ordinary donuts, but Strawberry Donuts and Mango Donuts!InTheMix (3) In The Mix Sweets is a home based bakery that makes all the crowd favorites aka quarantine trends like milky cheese donut, Korean cream cheese garlic buns, leche flan brioche donuts, nama chocolates and basque burnt cheesecake. BUT it is the strawberry and mango donuts that enticed me to head over to her page and order right on. InTheMix (1)
These Strawberries and cream donuts are sold for only P300, strawberry cream cheese donuts are P350 and Mangoes and cream donuts are P275 for a box of 4 donuts. You can also order it mixed for P350. I must say, they are really affordable!
InTheMix (4) Not only did I support local BUT supported a fellow Pasigueña, as she is based also here in Pasig! Di lang #UmaagosAngPagAsa dito, kundi UMAAGOS ANG SARAP! I’m serious you got to taste these fruit-filled donuts! Mapapa-diet down the drain ka, promise! Kasi paulit ulit kang oorder because you’ll WANT MORE!
InTheMix (2)
Know that all their baked goods are made to order, its freshness and quality is assured. Inquire for the next slot available by sending a message at their Instagram or Facebook accounts. 


  1. Oi Margaux, blog mo isa sa reasons bakit hindi ako maka-pag diet. Hahaha! Kung ano-ano nakikita kong yummy na pagkain (last time time ni-try ko yung ISteak Manila, kainis ka hahaha). In fairness, ang generous ng In The Mix – Umaapaw yung fillings nung donuts. Seryoso, gusto ko itry!

    PS: Wala… Sira na diet ko, nasa Pasig lang din ako. Hahaha!


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