Bike Day

For the last few years, I’ve known that MMDA closes an area of Ortigas (F. Ortigas Jr Road or formerly, Emerald Ave.) to the public to encourage Carless Sundays. I never knew what was going on on that area at those times, since I was never in that area. In fact, they also close Flood way every Sunday too for the same purpose. As far as I remember, I never saw the purpose nor appreciated it at all. I was even pissed one time because we had to do a detour, which was a longer way going to a certain destination one time that we went out and happen to pass by the area.

But today was different. My mom told me that she was taking my son out today for bike day. I thought it was in The Ayala Mall 30th because she was also talking about it that time. She mentioned that there were bicycles for rent. So, I didn’t bother to bring Coco’s bike. I just though it was one of the kid’s recreation amenities inside the mall.

Then, we were dropped off at the corner of Garnet and F. Ortigas. From there, I can see a closer view of what was in store for my little boy.

Kids were riding their bike, scooter and go-cart. Teens were skating, some were riding their hover board. Adults were riding around in their bike as well. I was worried, we didn’t have our bike. Lucky us! They have bike, side car, go-cart for all ages for rent – Php 100 / hour only!

I told my mom that she should have told me, we could have brought Coco’s own bike. But I think it’s all good, he was able to experience driving a side car. Some were even playing badminton and volleyball.

It was an hour of biking for my little boy, and he got super tired after driving from start to end of F. Ortigas. He totally passed out afterwards.

Bring your kids and their bikes to F. Ortigas Jr. Every Sundays – 6AM to 6PM for some FUN Family time – cheap at that! Hooray for Pasig!


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