Gardenia: A Pocket Full of Cheers

It only took a pocket full of cheers to brighten up my little boy’s sad face. The new Gardenia Chocolate Pocket Sandwich simply made Coco’s day. What with its rich chocolatey filling that is totally delicious! This a big help for moms of picky eaters like this boy. Everyday merienda is solved!

Gardenia Chocolate Pocket Sandwich is made with soft and creamy White Bread with rich chocolate filling and sealed to lock in its goodness. Baked fresh everyday so you can enjoy your favorite sandwich anytime and anywhere.
High in iron, folate, vitamin B1 and source of vitamin A. This pocket sandwich is high in folate which contributes to normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin; Vitamin B1 which helps release energy from proteins, fats & carbohydrates; it is also a source of Vitamin A which is essential for the function of the eyes.

Also available in Peanut Butter flavor
Suggested Retail Price: P15
Availability: In leading supermarkets

For more about the Gardenia visit or drop by the Gardenia Facebook Page, Twitter or Instagram.



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