It’s Showtime Experience!

Around a decade ago, I was always in ABS-CBN. Either I’m with Kuya (Carlo Aquino) or Rox (Roxanne Guinoo). I walk around the halls of the studios, the area between the Talent Center Building and the cafeteria or The Dolphy Theater. Hanging out at the Gram’s Diner for hours and hours.

It’s been a long time since I entered the ABS-CBN compound. It was very nostalgic. Especially when we went in the Audience Entrance. I remember assisting all the other fans as they enter the Dolphy Theater every Qpids Heartbreak Night. So many memories to remember.

Actually, I have never watched any noontime show, live, well except for one Wowowee episode, since my kuya Dominic has passes. I think it was the only time I did. I was able to have a picture with Dolphy that time! I came with Kuya when he was ASAP (or any other variety/noontime show) guesting. But that’s just it, I just go inside the studio when it’s his turn, then leave right after his prod.

A lot has changed in the last decade. Gram’s Diner is now Grub and ABS-CBN Mobile store. You can’t easily come inside the ELJ Building because there’s a security upon the entrance – even if you just want to go to Starbucks. The audience who watch during live shows no longer stay and wait outside for a chance to be able to watch. Imagine the heat and how tiring it can be waiting there outside. There is now a very comfortable Kapamilya Audience Lounge – all air-coned, comfortable seats and rest room. The marshals and security were very accommodating and pleasant. Hindi sila masungit like dati haha! There’s WIFI but I couldn’t connect anymore. Hehe!

Tita Maila (Gumila – Clarita of The Better Half) hooked us up for passes. My Grand Aunt from California wants to watch It’s Showtime live. We were at the ABS-CBN compound a little past 9AM. They let us in the Audience Entrance, stayed at the lounge and waited for us to be assisted going to the studio at a little past 11Am.

Today was a special day, because it’s my ultimate idol, Anne Curtis’ birthday. Although it was her birthday, her birthday prod wasn’t until the weekend. Parang now lang ulit ako nakanood ng It’s Showtime from top to bottom. I didn’t know na aside from the opening prod, they only have 2 segments – Nagmahal, Nasaktan, Nagsayaw and Tawag ng Tanghalan. The hosts has limited time na pala on stage and they don’t interact with the audience that much anymore unlike before.

But it was a super fun show. Walang kupas ang pagpapatawa ni Vice Ganda plus all the other hosts. We definitely enjoyed, add the fact that I got to say “Hi!” to Anne Curtis and Liza Soberano was their to judge! Both girls are just the prettiest of them all. Happy to see both my favorite girls!

Thank you Tita Maila and Tita Lydia!


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