COCOisChOOL: Letter of the Week – A

I’ve been contemplating with the idea of homeschooling for a few months now. Coco knows all the colors, letters, shapes, numbers, fruits and veggies, animals and transportation, etc. So, I think it would be better if we start to have a little formal but fun way of learning by now.

We started to do the letter of the week last Monday and it was not easy to make him focus on our “lesson”, maybe since this is new to him. But at least we were able to accomplish something during our study time.

Here’s what we did this week for Letter A.

Sensory Bin
Aladdin, Ant (A Bug’s Life’s Flik), Airplane, Animal Book, Angel, Astronaut, Arrow, Ambulance, Apple, Alligator

He identified most of the items in his bin since he already know most of them. I just had to explain to him what each does or described it.

We reviewed the sensory bin two more times this week and I think I’ll do another one before we move on to Letter B tomorrow.

Arts Alligator + Apple
Big A – This is his first stint in pasting. He doesn’t want to touch glue. haha! He instead of sticking, he just dragged the green squares to the space. Then I helped him in gluing the teeth and eyes.

Small A – This is his first time to paint. I wanted him to use his bare hands, but then again, he didn’t want to. So we ended up using his paint brush. Then, I just added a stem and leaf for finishing touches. Wanted him to color it, but he wasn’t in the mood to do it.

Language/Phonics – “Ah” sound
I have this app in IPad, ABC Phonics that he has been watching and playing since forever. So, we started singing it. “Ah ah ah ah Ant, Ah ah lligator…”

Movie Time – A Bug’s Life for Ants
But of course, he sing till hasn’t sat through a film without being bored destructed. Even if at first it interests him. So I told him that we will watch a movie about ants and how they get food and they work as a team. And identified the other insects and animals that was shown as well. Coco holding Flik toy, which is one of my Happy Meal toys when I was a kid. So it’s around 17 years old?!

Reading TimeAnimal Book
We’ve been reading this book for quite sometime now. So he kind of knows most of the animals already. So, we again identified the animals for the nth time and tried to do animal sounds, but still an epic fail in this area because he has one sound for most animals which is a “rawr”. Lucky for the monkey because he knows it’s “oohh oohh ahh ahh” because his ninang Rissey (my sister) did a monkey segment in Hi-5 PH.

Singing Time – So Many Animals – Hi-5 House Series 1
Because we are huge Hi-5 fans, we opted to sing and dance this song while of course watching the episode on Disney Jr. This is my (yes, me!) super favorite Hi-5 song! Too bad I wasn’t able to capture on video the time he was singing it with lyrics and really dancing the steps (because I was also busy dancing and singing with him). That is sooooo rare.. Most of the time, he’d just do a “running around dance” during his favorite “song of the week” portion in Hi-5.

Epic fail as in. He didn’t want to trace. I tried my best. He doesn’t want to. The first one was when I was teaching him, so I was holding his hand. Then I was trying to get him to write on the paper but he left me and got his play doh. The next one was in another day, I just told him to follow the dots and this is what happened.

Counting and Coloring
We counted the apples by coloring it by numbers. He finished counting but he didn’t finished coloring it. That’s why I was the one who colored the other parts. haha!

It’s my first time to bring him to the market that he is aware of what I or we will be doing. Before I just brought him, no explanations. Then I buy what I need. When we were at the fruit stand, he identified the fruits without me asking him too. Then I asked him what is the fruit that starts with the Letter A. He quickly got the apple and said “apple, red” He counted the apples we bought when we got home. I washed it and peeled its skin. I showed him how to eat it and tried to have him take a bite, but of course he didn’t want to. He doesn’t want to eat it. Buti pa when he was just starting with his solids, he loved munching on his apple.

I showed him the line of ants that was in the entrance of our gate. I told him that they were looking for food and bringing them in their home, just like the one in the movie. So since then, every time he passes by that space in our gate, he checks first if there were ants. One time, he said “A for ants!”

Religion – Guardian Angel Prayer
I told him about the angels, that they guard us and protect us, together with Jesus. And he goes “Nalalel? (Nathaniel)” I think I’ve told him a few weeks back that Nathaniel is an angel. We’ve been praying this prayer for a while already, though he hasn’t memorized it yet, he could now follow me while I recite it with him. I think he also remembered this prayer in Nathaniel, which is heard before the show starts.

Angel of God,
my guardian dear,
to whom God’s love commits me here,
ever this day,
be at my side
to light and guard,
to rule and guide.

That’s about it for our first week of Teacher Momma! Looking forward for week 2 with Letter B and a more attentive and focused little boy!



  1. Amazing! Adorable! Awwwwww! Love this ! Press on! Get a brown bag and put stuff/ toys that start with B!!! Then let him guess what they are by feeling them! How young is your son? Good job! So excited for you:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • hi mommy Donna! he’s 28 months! nice idea will do that in the coming days! btw ive met you niece tahnee, she’s did some work for my friend.


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