WanderWoMom’s take on KidZania Manila

Where was this all my childhood life? Why weren’t something like this available 30 years ago? It’s really a child’s paradise. Well actually, it’s like a childhood dream realized. I wanted to open something like this when I was younger, but more on something like Dave’s Playhouse or Kidzoona. Still, almost the same banana!

I’ve been waiting for this to open since before Coco was even born. My heart ached when I was told that kids, 4 to 14 can only enter, because I realized that by then, Coco will just be a year or something, since I though it was to open last year. But it will just open, on August 7, 2015. The doors of KidZania Manila will finally open to the public.

Oh well, I won’t do any posts on tips and what to expect when you come to KZM because there are so many blogs about it already. Just Google them.

But I will tell you about what Coco did inside the whole 3 hours that we were inside KZM.

Here it goes:
As we enter the main entrance of the KZM building, they greeted us with “Kai!” which is “Hello!” in KZ world. And everywhere we went, everyone greeted us with a “Kai!” and calls Coco, “Mister”.

We checked in at the KidZania International Airport, got our bracelets and boarding pass then headed up stairs.

Our very first stop was the PaZZport Office to get Coco’s passport, which was worth Php 250, which I heard he can use when he goes to other KidZania City all over the world.

Then I opted to tour the place first and explained to Coco whatever we see. Like in LBC, I told him that I go there to get (remit) money, but really, they deliver or bring your boxes (packages) to other places when we can’t actually go there.
LBCNational Bookdstore

Or Mercury Drug (he is familiar with it though) is where we buy his medicines, vitamins and diapers. The Laundrymat is where we wash our clothes (he is also familiar since I go to the laundry to wash our clothes).

He knows that we buy books at National Bookstore, that BPI is also where I get money, McDonald’s is his favorite fastfood, that Yellow Cab is where his Nangnang Nica works, so those I don’t really need to explain to him.

Thank G, he didn’t ask for Greenwich with pizza, or Jollibee with chicken joy or Ke-Cake if her sees a Red Ribbon, or Donuts for Dunkin Donuts! Haha!

I am actually amazed of this kid-sized city with kid-sized everything. I got giddy of the kid-sized fire truck and ambulance, the hospital, the nursery, the school and all. How I wish I could “play” them myself. I could pass as a 14 year old right?

I am aware that Coco couldn’t do anything actually since he is still a toddler. They are not allowed to enter the premises of the establishments, so I was satisfied with just my sight-seeing activity. But when I passed by the laundry mat, the “manager” in charge invited “Mister” to join him inside. I was surprised that Coco wore the costume (because he won’t wear it unless he wants to, meaning you can’t ask him to do anything for you) and followed the instructions – segregate white and colored clothes, to put them in the washing machine and to fold the clothes. He doesn’t really like commands, so this is a first! He earned 8 KidZos (KZ money).

He also wanted to go inside Pet Express to take care of sick dogs, to be a fireman, to fly an airplane, to be a doctor, to be a gasoline boy, a construction boy and to ride the tour bus. But he is still not allowed because he is still a toddler. Baby Coco has to wait for a year and a half before he can do all these. Don’t worry my baby, we will go back! Wait, is there a bakery or something, didn’t notice? For sure Coco would also love to try that!

We then climbed up to the second floor where the ZKeeper’s House and the Kindergarten is. Those are the only to establishments that allows the toddlers to enter. ZKeeper’s House is actually a play place. We spent a good 30-45 minutes here, by the way.

The mommy got so hungry so I had McD’s for snacks, and got so giddy when I saw that they’ll have a “kiddie crew” as well. But it was still close as of the moment.

We had another tour around the city and wanted to ride the tour bus, since we are capable because we have KidZZos already. But only 4 year old and above can ride, so the in charge just suggested that she just take a picture of us inside. Coco actually wanted to ride the “Chuckie Bus” because it reminds him of the new Chuckie TVC.

We were also going to try LBC but Coco was too cranky already because he wanted to ride the firetruck, so he didn’t want to wear the vest (costume) but he wants to push the cart. So, I just have to go out of the establishment before Coco starts to throw a fit.

Since this was just a preview, only limited number of people where inside. The city was built to accommodate ever a thousand. I believe that to those with kids that are already able to participate, it will not be doable to finish all jobs in one go. You’ll really have to go back for more. I can’t wait to actually go back. But not in the next few months, maybe when Coco is a bit older and really understands and follows instructions, with no more tantrums on the side.

KidZania Manila is a fun and refreshing experience to the kids of this generation. They are really lucky that they have this kind of “theme parks”. It actually prepares them for the future. My time, all I know when asked if “what do I want to become when I grow up” – I’d say doctor or teacher and my course would always be masscomm. Just because. I don’t even know what masscomm was until I was almost graduating grade school. I didn’t even know what I want to be even when I was already in highschool. I was already in college and I still don’t know what I wanted to be until I left my first university. I was 2 years already in my second school when I had to move on to another course. It took me a lot of courage and acceptance before I was able to tell myself that I wanted this, that I wanted to become an entrepreneur. But now, I don’t want to be anything other than be a “mompreneur”. They’d experience all kinds of jobs from a lot of career paths here. They’d learn how to follow instructions, take responsibilities, to be patient (especially when in line), be prudent (learn to save and value money) and be madiskarte.

Really I can’t wait for Coco to grow up and come back here. Wait, I’ll just savor his baby-toddler days. We’ll zee you again soon, KidZania Manila!

Ticket prices from August 7 to October 7, 2015:
Visitor Type/Mondays-Thursdays/Fridays – Sundays (and National Holidays)
Children (4-14 years old)/Php 750.00/Php 1,000.00
Toddlers (1-3 years old)/Php 420.00/Php 550.00
Babies/Kids below 2 ft in height/FREE/FREE
Adult/Php 420.00/Php 550.00

Operating Hours:
​Mondays to Thursdays: 9AM to 4PM (1 shift)
Fridays to Sundays (and National Holidays): 9AM to 2PM and 3PM to 8PM

KidZania Manila is located at Park Triangle in Bonifacio Global City.

For more information kindly visit their official website, Facebook and Instagram.


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