Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival

I got so excited when my sister told me that her superior in TV5 gave us VIP tickets for the Disney Live show at the new Kia Theater. This is Coco’s first time to watch a Disney Live show on stage.

Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy opened the show.

And then enter the Genie to introduce the story of Aladdin.

Sebastian introduced The Little Mermaid’s story.

They kind of summarized the stories in a few minutes using the movies’ popular songs. During this time, although Coco knows Aladdin and Flounder, he was kinda not in the mood and not enjoying, because he is not interested with the Disney Princesses.

No worries, the little boys got their dose of fun when the Toy Story characters came to life. He was laughing and cheering on Woody and Buzz’s antics.

And then the finale, where everyone is on stage.

And the best part was when we were talking pictures after the show, one of the staff came to us and asked for our tickets. He told us to take a sit and wait for our turn. It turned out that our tickets have signatures and it was our passes for the meet and greet after the show. It was really unexpected and a surprise to us!

I noticed Coco was quiet. So I realized that he was nervous. But I got a brave boy here, he walked his way to Mickey and Minnie. They gushed over Coco and Coco’s Disney x Vans shoes. hehehe! Coco stood in the middle, while his Tito Vic took his picture. I was beside Vic trying to make him smile, but all I see is Coco in his poker face and ang kabog sa kanyang dibdib. Good Job my darling boy!

Thank you so much Ate Sienna for our tickets.

Here’s Coco at 8 months when he first met Mickey and Minnie and the most recent one. Dibale anak, next time naman sa Disneyland na okay?

Here’s more! I actually saw Doug’s post of their tickets for the show. So I am aware that we will be watching at the same date. Didn’t expect that we will be also seated in the row after them! Here’s a Gavin and Scarlett reunion with Coco. If you remember it, we first met the Kramer family during a Disney show in Megamall. Happy that Doug and Cheka hasn’t forgotten Coco! Cheka even looked for Coco’s fedora hat!

And finally met Nikka and Patrick Garcia with daughter, Chelsea.

My dearest Coco, we will see Mickey and friends again soon.. I hope by then you will smile in pictures na and won’t be nervous. I want you to be like mommy when she first saw Mickey (and everyone) when she was 4 years old. Okay? We will go to the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ soon. God willing. God will provide.


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