Closest Thing to Harry Potter in Manila

I’ve never been so giddy about anything Harry Potter again since the last film in 2011. But it never made me less than a Potterhead right? Because once a Potterhead, always a Potterhead.

It has been a vow since then that my child will also be a Potterhead, that’s why few weeks before today, I’ve been introducing HP to Coco, who christened himself as “Coco Habby Potter“.

So the long over due date with the best friend happened today in none other than The Nook in Maginhawa St. When I first saw an article about this circulating online, she’s the very first person who I thought of coming with me to this “Three Broomsticks” in the foodie haven here in Maginhawa.

We arrived the place at around 7PM. We had to wait outside because the place was still packed. The place is small but cozy enough to just chill.

The place has lots of Harry Potter details which includes owls on display, walls that looks like Hogsmeade, books, lots of owls, Hermione’s Time turner necklace, Banner of the 4 houses, the 2nd floor becomes the Common Room, the 4 Houses’ robes that you can wear, with a wand and of course, Harry’s eye glasses, a broom stick, Marauder’s Map, Hogwarts Letter and lastly, my favorite is the Cupboard under the stairs at 4 Privet Drive, which is Harry’s room and you’ll be surprise to see Dobby inside.

When it was our turn to occupy the second floor, we also had our butter beers, which completed the Harry Potter experience.

And of course, took more pictures.

Didn’t tackle any food/beverage in the menu here since we only ordered Butter Beer, coffee, a slice of cake and frappes. But I think there’s wedges, fries and pasta as well.

Just an hour spent here at the Nook, made me want to read the books and watch the films all over again. So nostalgic! It made me miss the then, HP life. It’s like revisiting an old friend. So if you want that feels, no need to wait for your letter from Hogwarts, you can just grab on your broomsticks or head on to Platform 9 3/4 and catch the next Hogwarts Express and head over to Maginhawa!

The Nook
164 A Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
Opening Time: 1pm to 10pm
IG: @TheNook.Cafe


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