The NEW Kids Happy Time

Around the second half of 2019, KIDSHAPPYTIME had a major revamp of their indoor playground, from a normal play place, it became a digital and virtual playground, which is very apt to what kids these days are into. You can visit the old KHT Blog to see the difference of the two here. The lobby... Continue Reading →

KidZania Manila | January 2020

It's been a while since we last visited KidZania Manila. I mean, we always had plans but it always doesn't push through. Anyway, since it just the start of the year and my calendar isn't that full yet. We finally had time when we got slots from St. Luke's Global City. It's their 10th year... Continue Reading →

KidZania Manila Big Kids Night

Kai! This is Mommy Margaux, a citizen of KidZania, for a day that is! Dream come through! When I was still pregnant, they were just starting to build KidZania Manila. I was so excited for this because I really want to bring my Coco there when he is old enough. I'm also excited to go... Continue Reading →

WanderWoMom’s take on KidZania Manila

Where was this all my childhood life? Why weren’t something like this available 30 years ago? It’s really a child’s paradise. Well actually, it’s like a childhood dream realized. I wanted to open something like this when I was younger, but more on something like Dave’s Playhouse or Kidzoona. Still, almost the same banana! I’ve... Continue Reading →

Coco’s Nerd Time: Mind Museum

We brought my little cousin, Julianne to Mind Museum for her 3rd Birthday. Of course, since I've been wanting to go there, Coco and I tagged along. Entrance fees for adults are 600. Children at 450 and Coco is free. Please check the website for more details on the prices. It was supposedly a 3-hour... Continue Reading →

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