Coco’s Nerd Time: Mind Museum

We brought my little cousin, Julianne to Mind Museum for her 3rd Birthday. Of course, since I’ve been wanting to go there, Coco and I tagged along. Entrance fees for adults are 600. Children at 450 and Coco is free. Please check the website for more details on the prices.

It was supposedly a 3-hour but since we were a bit late, we just maximized the last 2 hours that we’ve got. By the end of our trip, I realized that the 2 hours we’ve got is not enough. I wasn’t able to read what ever details that was written there since I was carrying my little boy, who was also enjoying and was litong-lito with what he was seeing.

First Stop – the Universe – the moon, the stars, the moon, planets

Second Stop – Life – Animals, Insects, Plants, under the sea creatures

Third Stop – Earth – Dinosaurs, earthquake

Fourth Stop – Atom – Sound, light, gravity

Fifth Stop – Technology – printing, vehicles, photography

Brings back my grade school days. But then I realized, OH NO! I’ll have to learn this all over again when Coco goes to school na. Gosh! But then, that’s for another decade pa. So! I’ll just enjoy teaching him fun stuff for now!

Feed your child’s mind now and go to the Mind Museum!
J. Y. Campos Park, 3rd Ave, Taguig City
(02) 909 6463

After that, we had early dinner at Conti’s in and then to Powerbooks.


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