Coco’s First Trick or Treat – Halloween 2013

My favorite holiday of the year, aside from Christmas! I never dressed up for Trick or Treat my whole life, even as a kid. Di kasi uso sa generation ko, at sa bansa natin. Though my mom brought my sister, brother and cousins to Discovery Suites for ToT for a few years, a decade ago. I was already “grown up” then, so I don’t join them.

Finally, I have my own baby to dress up for ToT. I wanted to go to Discov sana but mom said, Coco is still young and he might get scared. I was still pushing through with it, until Ate Jet (my cousin’s GF) texted me if I want to join the ToT in their company (which was my former workplace). Of course! Haha! So, My Coco had his first ToT at Harte-Hanks!

Here’s Peter Pan de Coco, he can’t fly! he can’t fly! LOL But of course, the first costume of my son will be my favorite Disney story.

He even got his first Happy Meal. Ayun oh, tuwang tuwa, as if he knows what it is. And happy with all his candies and chocolates!

It was good to be back, and I’m happy to see my former colleagues and boss. Here’s a shot with my former boss, Ms. MJ with her children, Icay & Caleb. Also with our HR’s Ms. Weng & Ms. Fritz. And also saw my bestfriend, Aimee’s nephew – Enzo.

Also with my nieces, Sam as Sailor Mars, Kim as Sailor Moon and Sky as Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy. Sky won Most Iconic Costume Award.

Thank you tita Jet for bringing me to my first Trick or Treat!


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