KidZania Manila | January 2020

It’s been a while since we last visited KidZania Manila. I mean, we always had plans but it always doesn’t push through. Anyway, since it just the start of the year and my calendar isn’t that full yet. We finally had time when we got slots from St. Luke’s Global City. It’s their 10th year anniversary and what better way to celebrate it is by bringing in together the babies that were born since they opened in 2010. What a reunion, right?

We are so excited because we haven’t been to KZM since April 2018 and that time, Coco still doesn’t know how to read yet, nor he couldn’t get a drivers license because he was still 5 years old then. It’s exciting now since he can do most jobs now. Dropping what He did in this session. By the way, he was the one who chose what he wanted to do, I think it was according to his likes these days.

1. Dentist – Because he just lose a tooth

2. Painter – Because he loves to paint

3. Ice Cream Factory Worker – Because who doesn’t want ice cream. He was so excited with his Magnolia Chocolate Ice Cream

4. Hotelier (Catering) – Just because he want to fix the table setting

5. O-Shopping Host – boooy, he really want to host Haha

6. Getting his Driver’s License – He was super excited because the last time we went here he is still not allowed to do the activity because he was just 5 years old then. I knew how he drives, kaskaserong bata ito! He beat the red light and bump the sidewalk when he parked the car.

7. Top 3 Cebu Pacific Flight Attendant – Anak, will you fulfill my dream job? Well, I didn’t have to push it to him. Since he loves flying, it is easy for him to also fall in love with this job. I can dream naman? haha

8. Top 2 TV Patrol News Anchor/Ronda Patroller – He loves the camera but I don’t know if he’d love to do this. I just asked him if he wanted to. He didn’t hesitate and he was so excited. Little did I know this would now be part of his What I want to be when I grow up list. I can see he was tense but I know he loved it because he just can’t stop talking about it.

9. Top 1 Musician – No other job has replaced this yet. Music is life for him. Manang mana sa mga pinagmanahan niya.

10. Opening his BPI Bank Account – Up until now, we hadn’t had time to open it so it just happened as he also carried his money that we’ve been saving in a pouch from since KidZania opened in 2015.

BUT in reality, of all the jobs he want to have when he grows up, he wanted to become a KidZania Zupervisor. He says because he always want to teach kids so that they will also know what they want to be when they grow up. How cute!
This is it for today and we are looking forward to our next KidZania Adventure, hopefully it doesn’t take us another year to come back this time. Kai pals!

Thank you again, St. Luke’s Global City and KidZania Manila. Watch my youtube video for snippets:

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17 Responses to KidZania Manila | January 2020

  1. Gail Bufi says:

    Next punta namin sa taas naman kami. Haha

  2. Adam Belda says:

    Sobrang sulit talaga dito sa Kidzania as in! Thanks for reminding me about this. May reward pa nga pala ang panganay ko this weekend. Haha!

  3. dawnlyndelle says:

    I’ve always wanted to go here kahit na matanda na ako haha! Once I have a child old enough, dadalhin ko siya dito. Wala kasing ganito when I was younger eh! 😅

  4. Fangirl Clang says:

    Yung gusto ko pumunta dito kahit matanda na ko… the problem is wala pa ko child na pwedeng samahan.

  5. Nicole says:

    Sobrang fun nito for kids! They will get to try different professions in one day. Ang cute! Hehe

    – (Lifestyle and Travel Blog)

  6. I think nakapunta na ata dito yung isang pamangkin ko. At kahit di ka bata, maeenjoy mo dito. Kasi marami talagang matututuhan ang mga bata. Ang saya nila tignan. Hehe

  7. Wendy says:

    Ang ganda ng event ng St. Lukes… Yung mga pinanganak lg ba sa St. Lukes ang pwede? Was this libre?

  8. Kam Olivar says:

    KidZania Manila is really a fun place to go to! As a former Zupervisor (activity facilitator), I know that their employees are really trained well. They always prioritize the safety and the experience of the kids! Recently, Kaden and I visited KZ again for their Toddler Time. I’ll post about it in my blog too soon. 🙂

  9. Prado Arturo Navarro Bognot says:

    The idea of KidZania is actually interesting. It’s about immersive learning for the kids. I wish this existed when I was a child. 🙂

    – Rad, find out helpful content about health, sports and martial arts on my website (

  10. My Onni You says:

    This is fun. We have a kidzania here too and Korea. Pero hindi ko pa nadala yung son ko. Much better kasi if 5 years old and up para mas ma enjoy niya yung activities.

  11. Looks super fun. I’m sure your son had a fantastic time! I wish i also did that when I was a kid. Maybe, i would have more ideas of what i wanted to be when i grew up. Haha.

  12. May De Jesus-Palacpac says:

    My kids looooove kidzania. At least the two youngest ones. Cute ng photos mo, nakakatuwa! I can really see how much fun your son had.

  13. Will definitely go to Kidzania pag ma-appreciate na ni Caleb yung ganitong mga activities. Thank you for sharing your experience mommy and coco. 🙂

  14. Ang saya nito. Looking forward to try this activity in the future with kids.

  15. theaoctavo says:

    I’ve always wanted to go here even if I’m 22 years old already haha there are rare occasions that Kidzania do have an event for adults only! I’m not sure if they still do it now…

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