Chicka Chicka Chicken House, Your new Daily Chicka!

Chicken is life for my family because of my picky boy, who wants almost nothing but chicken. That is why we were so excited to try out the new chicken house – Chicka Chicka Chicken House – the best grilled chicken in town, because you know.. CHICKEN!

Upon entering the restaurant, you will be welcomed by what seems like a hen house, with walls that are bright and happy, in blue, yellow and orange. Very modern. It feels welcoming, even if it is the first time that we visited Chicka. Not to mention being welcomed by the owner himself, Matthew Fong, whom I thought is a half Filipino, but no, he has no Fil blood.. only a Filipino heart, as he is married to a lovely Filipina. Chicka Chicka has been filling the bellies of the people around the area since October last year.

It actually looks perfect for small parties and get together, noh?

Matthew wanted Chicka Chicka to be like the next go-to chicken restaurant in our country. One that would make us want to eat there, even in daily basis, that even the ordinariest person would be able to afford.

They have a very simple menu that revolves around anything chicken. It’s not to difficult to choose what you’d want to eat since you just have few choices, here and there. Don’t get me wrong with this. Fewer choices for me meant that it is easier to decide, especially that this is a “fast food“. I don’t like a menu with many choices that makes it hard for me to choose, especially when I am already hungry. It is very easy to look at visually.
And look at the price. I just leave it at that. No need to elaborate, just look at the numbers and compare it to the pictures below. Every single cent will be worth it. I promise you. Nope, they don’t have unli rice. But their extra rice is at 9php, imagine that?!


It seems like a typical Pinoy fast food. Nope. It is so much more than that. It actually makes me crave for it at this moment. As you see, it has the same food you see in other restaurants. But nope, it’s the chicken that makes it different. All kinds of chicken!

One of their Chicka Bowls – Chicka Pares – Rice topped with your favorite Pares, only the healthier version, because instead of beef, it’s chicken.

One of their Chicka Bowls – Chicken Arroz Caldo – yes, looks ordinary. But it tastes extraordinary. What I can’t move on with this is the crispy chicken skin on it. One more round, will you please?

One of their Chicka Bowls – Fresh Chicken Salad – for those who wants to skip rice.

Chicka Wings, generous enough in size.

Chicka’n Rolls – Nope, it’s not you good ole fried veggie lumpia. It’s chicken you guys! Not only that, it also has cheese in it. CHEESE, GUYS! I instantly got addicted to it. I SWEAR you have to get an order of this rolls. Scratch that, You have to get more of these. Nakakabitin ito, PROMISE! This is actually my favorite.

The star of Chicka Chicka is, of course, their grilled chicken. This is the C1 set (1/4 Chicken + White rice + soup). I love how it was perfectly grilled that it isn’t dry. It is juicy and has its distinct flavor of its own. Like, you’ll know it’s from Chicka (same as you’ll know that Chicken Joy is to Jollibee when your eyes are closed). I can’t really explain its very taste, you’ll just have to try it yourself. You can have sides for add on and I was able to taste the macaroni salad and creamy corn, and boy, I’m just speechless. I was also able to try their Chilli Chilli sauce, it is sooooo spicy. Water can’t wash its after taste. I had to take a sip of Pepsi (when I don’t drink soda anymore). And Garlic Pepper sauce, I’ve always love this flavor, it taste good with the grilled chicken. But I think there’s something missing, like it could have taste even better.

Trivia: Their chicken came straight from their very own chicken farm, assuring its customers of freshness. Quality guys, Quality!

Aside from their bundles, they also have bulk orders and party trays available. You’ll just have to order before hand.

Currently, they have this BOGO promo. When you order 1 whole chicken worth 350php via Grabfood, you get another 1 whole chicken! Imagine that!

Please note that Grabfood orders only apply to areas within its 3km radius.

Yes. It is Coco approved. He rarely eats chicken which isn’t fried but he loved his Chickas. I was surprised he finished his food. For those coming in with kids, especially those the picky type, no fret! Chicka has something for your child – the grilled chicken! Kids would love it too as much as like we do.

You’ll be missing half of your life if you don’t drop by and try Chicka Chicka! I swear, it will be your next favorite chicken place.

Opens from Mondays to Saturdays, 10AM – 12 MN 

G/F Robinsons Zeta Tower, Bridgetown, Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Quezon City
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