Bike Day at BGC’s My Street High Street

If you don’t know it yet, the entire 5th Avenue in Bonifacio Hight Street is off-limits to all kinds of vehicles every Saturday and Sunday from 11AM to 9PM to provide a safe space for the public to bike, scoot, play and jog with out the distraction of cars passing by. The public are allowed to just hang around the area, dine and just enjoy strolling around the area.
Aside from that, there are some tents available for your family to have al fresco dining while eating food from your favorite BGC restaurants, as well as enjoy the fresh air and the buzz of people talking and laughing.

Coco hasn’t really mastered yet how to bike without trainers. Good things his practice bike’s 1 trainer got broken, so he actually learned how to bike with one trainer during his whole ride day. He is so near in learning how to bike. I can’t wait to update how long he was able to learn to bike!
Here are some photos from our play date bike date with Coco’s friends over the weekend! It’s so good to see them again after almost 2 years. Grabe how grown up they all are from the last time they were with together in 2020!
National Bicycle Organization team are also available for biking lessons (children should be at least 9 years old) for a minimum fee. Bikes are also available for rent. For more information about their bike lessons, you may visit their official Facebook page. Aside from these, there are members of their team who are around the area to make sure that children and adults alike riding around are safe and riding properly at all times.

Have you gone to My Street High Street yet? It’s about time! Why don’t you take ride over the coming weekend?


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