Coco’s #LifeInTheTimeOfCorona’s 7th Quarantine Birthday

Never thought his 7th birthday would happen this way. I was so excited, and I’ve work hard for the last few months to save for our plane ticket en route to New York City. He was going to celebrate the day after his birthday running around Central Park. But Dad Above has other plans.

Good thing, I was able to have play dates with his best friends and actually did a little candle blowing with them, since I was so sure, we wouldn’t have that 7th birthday bash that we are accustomed of, as I chose to travel instead. At least he was able to have something and more intimate with his bestest friends. Little did we know, intimate will be the trend for 2020.

First stop. It was a holiday- People Power Day and it was so good that we did that. It is actually a play date with his best friends since womb days plus live chikahan for the mommies. I thought of bringing doughnuts and making a doughnut cake. I gathered the kids around Coco and sang a Happy Birthday song for him. Coco blurted it was the best birthday ever! He has no idea that I’ll be actually doing that.
Coco7thPart1 (4)Coco7thPart1 (1)Coco7thPart1 (2)Coco7thPart1 (5)Coco7thPart1 (3)

Little did we know number 2, that this would be the last time Coco will be inside a play place, with his friends and actually the 3rd to the last time he was out of our home and we don’t know when this will last. We first met up at Star Bucks inside The Venice Piazza Mall and gathered the kids again for Coco’s Happy Birthday ceremony. Our Kids Happy Time family graciously gave Coco’s friends a few hours to experience their play place. To which we obviously enjoyed, I think the adults did enjoy their few hours of alone time while the kids play on their own. McDonald’s for dinner after, because running around the play area for a few hours can be really tiring. Love how we are complete, well almost, we missed 2 of our girls!

Then lock down happened, I got so depressed of course, because our flight is cancelled. We are on lockdown and it’s limited on everything. I wondered if there will be birthday cakes, or even fast food that we can order. Coco’s birthday happens a little more than a week after the lockdown announcement. I didn’t even get to think of what I can do. I was too depressed to think of what to do. But I had to do something about it, right? Then I saw this the night before Coco turns 7. He did this for himself. I got so sad because he knows what his birthday can be. When I sent my family the poster that Coco made, mama immediately told me that she has a birthday banner for Coco that she brought home from her recent UK trip. Coco was so happy when he saw his birthday banner!

Dada was able to find a birthday cake for Coco, luckily, Goldilock’s in SM East Ortigas is open. He got a Royal Fudge Cake, if you are asking for the flavor. And Dada was went to Jollibee to take out food. It was a super simple celebration, but I hope my Coco bear felt our love, because we tried our very best to prepare something for him, despite the situation we are in now. I’m just sad that I didn’t even have a gift for him. I’m glad that he understood the situation.

Mama came from UK a week prior to Coco’s birthday that is why she wasn’t able to go to my place that day. She was still on quarantine. When she finally graduated her mandatory self quarantine, she immediately went to my place with a cake in tow for Coco. Indulged on our favorite Costa Brava cake after. Yung totoo, para samin adults talaga ang cake. Haha! DSCF3603DSCF3626DSCF3601

My dearest Cocobear.. this was supposedly your milestone birthday that is why I prepared hard for it. But then, we aren’t in control. I just hope you always feel our love for you and I hope we made you happy, as you had a month long celebration, right? We love you baby, babawi kami.. babawi ako sayo when we are able. Love, Mommy



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