#CocoTheMaster8uilder | 8th Birthday Lego Themed Party

Another quarantine birthday has gone by for my little big boy. Last year, I literally had nothing prepared for him. While this time, I was able to prepare something for him which left me sleepless nights since January, thinking and curating the perfect party for him. It may not be the one that I wanted for him for his 7th birthday last year, but I think he was happy. At least, we had our family to celebrate with us this time and we were able to do this before another lock down, which started today.
I chose the theme for him, not that I want this.. wait, I like this theme too pala… But I am 1000% sure that this is what he likes! Of course, my master builder needs to have a LEGO themed Party. I brainstormed for weeks, looked for pegs in Pinterest and suppliers in Shopee. Sharing with you my undying love for my one and only boy through pictures, taken beautifully by my friend, Cris of Turtlefish Photography. If you are looking for a Pasig-based photographer, he is the man for it. He also does coverage in other areas as well. Thank you so much for helping me commemorating this special day of Coco!
We opted to do the celebration at my mom’s home, since we have a garage there. We did the set up at the garage so that it is open air and more safer for all of us. I did the balloon garland myself. Actually, aside from getting the set that I used during the party itself, I also got a couple more balloons so I can practice before hand. I am happy with the outcome, since I am no professional balloonist. (You can get this set here). The table cloth is actually a tapestry that I had custom made. I was supposed to use it as a backdrop but then I realized that if I put it as a backdrop and put the balloons, it would be too much. (You can have it made here). The COCO Lego Logo signage is made of acrylic that I had also made customized through Spark and Mark.
The Lego MiniFig head cake is made by Hello Sugar!, the same one who made Coco’s 4th Birthday cake. Beside it, I formed a number 8 Lego sculpture for Coco’s age and a minifig held his birthday candle. Check where the fondant cake is placed.. yes.. it is on top of a acrylic box filled with Lego blocks. I had to elevate it because I realized when I got the Lego Minifig container, that the cake I ordered will be too small beside it. All in the details! I also had minimalist cakes from Dodin Desserts. Lego blocks for Coco and Lego Minifig for our baby girl, Mithi!
Of course, we all wore Lego shirts that I designed and had it pressed on raglan shirts by Celestia’s Crafts. We also wore these during our photoshoot with Nice Print.
Before I was able to finalize what I will put in the loot bag, it took me lots of add/delete to cart moments in Shopee. But it ended with me getting Lego boxes (get it here), making bag tags (from Cray Time PH), buying Nips (get it here) and adding Krimstix (get it here – one of my projects), which I placed inside a Lego-like paper bag. I ordered the paper bag (get it here), got extras that I can cut into circles, and stuck them to the bag. I used a mounting tape (get it here) to make it 3Dish. I also added Lego Minifig Plaster Paint and Lego blocks and Minifig crayons from Cray Time PH.
To complete the loot for the kids is, of course, food! Bentomommas made Lego-themed pasta set for Coco. It includes macaroni in cheesy beefy sauce topped with themed bread art, chicken crispers and a customized cookie. You can also choose rice set, pancake set, or sandwich set. 
So, what will I do with the loot if I don’t have any guests? I had them delivered to those who live near me and asked them to send me pictures of the loot with the kids so I can include it in Coco’s 8th Birthday Photobook!
Food was prepared, cooked and ordered by my in laws and it was Dada who spearheaded this part of our mini party! Here are some photos from the party, again from Turtlefish Photography. I may be very tired that day, I even wondered how I got so tired, we didn’t even have any guests, but seeing the pictures and Coco’s face, made me realize that everything was worth it. Not the way I really wanted it to be, but the way He wanted us to celebrate Coco’s life.
Please note that we didn’t have any other visitors but only our immediate family. We were all wearing our face masks the whole time except for eating and for the group picture shot. 

Watch snippets of Coco’s celebration here 🙂


  1. Time goes so fast, prang kelan lang baby na baby si coco now Mapit n sya maging binata. happy bday to coco, for sure he will remember this celebration for the rest of his life…


  2. Wow, LEGO-themed is so cool and never gets old! I will not be surprised if one day you will redecorate his room into a LEGO theme 🙂


  3. first time seeing a logo themed birthday! you did great Mama! way to go! 🙂 glad to see kids are still able to enjoy birthdays even though lockdown na naman


  4. Thanks for the idea! Last year, we did a dinosaur-themed party. With the rate things are going, it looks like my kids are up for another quarantine birthday party, so we might just DIY it again.


  5. Last year wala din akong naplan for Nathan’s birthday, thank your articles like this naeencourage ako to think of creative ways to celebrate birthday at home. Nathan loves lego too! Yan fave niya as of now haha. Will note of your suppliers para sa next bday niya


  6. This is such a fun concept and Coco really enjoyed based on your photos! Hope he can visit their store in BGC when it’s safer to go out. (Belated) happy birthday!


  7. Wow! Ang saya talaga sa Pinas especially pag birthday kasi pwede yearly. Dito ang importante lang 1st birthday.
    Ang ganda ng theme ng birthday ni Coco. Gusto ko din gawin ito sa anak ko eh.


  8. Happy Birthday Coco! Love your lego inspired birthday! Your parents are so creative.
    Stay healthy and keep safe!


  9. Yay! Everything is awesome! ❤ Naaliw ako! we love legos too, wag lang talaga pakalat kalat at nakakaiyak ahahah. HBD COCO! have a good year!


  10. ang galing! from the cake, to the food to the giveaways, ang saya! nakaka miss tuloy mag theme party. Belated happy birthday to your little boy 🙂


  11. Even before the pandemic, we seldom hold parties with guests during birthdays. Usually, we go out of town to celebrate the birthday of our kids and our other family celebrations because we prefer it that way. We do give our kids some money to treat their friends afterwards if they like.


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