CocoFourtastic Birthday Celebration

I wanted a small celebration with only the family and Coco’s best friends. Good thing, I thought of reserving the function room of Ristorante Bigoli, it has the best location for all the people I invited because we all live around the area.

Coco has been asking me to have a PJ Mask Party and a PJ Mask Cake. I didn’t plan of anything fancy. But I ordered a personalized cake for him, instead of something both from a bake shop like last year. We had this conversation that I posted in Facebook last February of his birthday requests that included some streamers and what not. All PJ Masks.

To complete his PJ Mask party, I got him a PJ Mask costume, via Amazon last December pa. I’ve been keeping it for the last 3 months. I’ve been tempted to show it to him but thank God, I was able to stop myself. When he was about to blow his candle, that’s when I dressed him up. He was surprised and was really in awe. He went back inside the function room with pride.

Coco’s best friends, Robert and Alonzo came and that’s one of his wishes. Robert has been present since 1st birthday, that’s why I really wanted them to be present as well.

Watch this short clip of Coco’s celeb made by my cousin, Claudean. Thank you ate Dodin for this video!

Ristorante Bigoli (Citywalk, Eastwood City) – Thank you very much for accommodating us. They actually gave us the function room without the 10k worth of orders, as long as we don’t use it exclusively. There was another table inside with us of another group of guests. But what we did was, we set up the food in buffet style.

Hello Sugar! – I ordered from someone near to us this time, as they were located in Cainta, so as to save a little. It didn’t disappoint me. The cake was so delicious, almost the same as the cake that we always order for Coco’s celebs.

Oh, before I forget! We had brunch at Coco’s favorite, Pancake House with Rissey and Vic because they wouldn’t be able to join us for dinner. Coco played at Tom’s World after.

Thank you to everyone who joined us, and for the gifts as well. We’re so happy to spend Coco’s special day with all of you.

Dear Anak,
I hope you had a fun fun day today, in a few weeks time, your 3rd birthday wish will come true. We love you so much!


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