Jump Yard Fun

The birthday fun ain’t over yet. Ninang Rissey and Tito Vic took Coco out for some jumping fun at Jump Yard. It’s our first time here so Coco is so excited. We’ve been passing by the area for the longest time and he has been wanting to go here.

We came in at 3 in the afternoon so we had to wait till the session before us is over. The good thing with Jump Yard is that even though we came in super late in the afternoon, you can still come in with a toddler because they have a toddler area, unlike in Trampoline Park. It also has mats stretched from corner to corner, wall to wall.

Unlike the other one, they have segregated the different areas and enclosed them in a closed netted wall. You can jump as high as you can, jump into foam pits, play Dodgeball, dunk basket balls, wall climb, run wild, and more!

We registered at the front desk first, and had a waiver signed. Since I am with Coco, and we were staying at the toddler area, they told me I can’t jump inside. In Trampoline Park, we don’t have to wear grip socks, but here in Jump Yard we have to wear one. We have to buy 1 each for P100. The good thing is they have kids size, and I like the socks’ quality, it was not the cheap type. They will give you wrist bands after. A few minutes before your session starts, they will have you watch the safety video and do some pre-jumping work out in the briefing area. The cubicles are also at the briefing area, so keep you valuables together.

There are lots of Jump Yard marshals around the whole vicinity to look out for every guests. Make sure you jump properly so that no accidents would happen. While Coco could only stay at the Toddler Area, the marshal on duty allowed him to play at the dodge ball area since there are no other guests playing in that area.

Anyway, the birthday boy has so much fun, much fun that he actually ended up crying because he also wants to jump with his fave people at the olympic trampolines. It was an exercise sesh for both me and Coco – him having a super high-energy, as it was just a few hours since we woke up and me for running around following him, as well as the good half an hour that I was also able to jump around.

*Don’t forget to bring water and change of clothes!

Regular rates:
Php250 per jump hour – Monday to Thursday
Php350 per jump hour – Friday to Sunday and Holidays
* YES! same rate for both kids and adults)
Non-jumper but will be going inside the yard: Php100 /person

Tip: Check Metrodeal or other group buying sites, we got a 50% rate for a weekend today.

Frontera Verde Complex, Ortigas Avenue Corner C5, Pasig City
Like and follow @jumpyardPH on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram
Call (632) 544-0703
Mobile: 0908 472 0031


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