2020 Covid19 Time Capsule Sheets

Download it here
2020 Covid-19 time capsule sheets

I did not make this. I just found this circulating online.

EDIT: APRIL 9, 2020
I found who the owner of this digital sheets are it is owned by LONG Creations. You can follow them in Facebook or ETSY for more graphic designs and home decor. YOU ARE AMAZING and SO TALENTED, Ms. Natalie Long!

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2 Responses to 2020 Covid19 Time Capsule Sheets

  1. Mariane Robles says:

    Nice One. 👍 Thanks mommy, ang ganda nya perfect na pagka busyhan ng little kid ko.. 😍
    So cool pa ng pagkaarrange nya.

    • WanderWoMom says:

      mommy, maganda gawin with the family.

      napulot ko lang din to online. di ako ang gumawa nito ahahhaha

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