The Birthday Eve Tradition

Take a photo of your child the night before he turns a year old. It has been my yearly tradition to take Coco Marcus' picture as he sleeps the eve of his birthday. Tipong last look ko sa kanya, because the next day when he wakes up, he is a year older. Why? I'm not... Continue Reading →

Battle has Begun at Lazer Arena

One of the go-to place for interactive fun and indoor recreation is at Lazer Arena in SM Megamall. I want Coco to do something different for his birthday. It will be his first time to play laser tag (actually, my first time too), so I'm sure it will be quite a challenge for him. Laser... Continue Reading →

Thirty, Flirty and Thriving

I am finally. 30. Thirty. Trenta. The Big 3-0. Dirty 30. A year left, wala na ako sa kalendaryo. 3 decades of living in the world, planet. Am I a certified #tita now? I don't know what to feel. I don't know what to say. I'm "that" old already? Yet, I feel like I'm still,... Continue Reading →

KM 70 (Tanauan, Batangas)

So we have no plans for the remaining days of this years Holy Week, after our Discovery Staycation. Then yesterday, while we were having lunch at my in-laws for Coco's birthday, my sister messaged me to get ready for our impromptu trip to Batangas. And thank God, there was no traffic! So we went to... Continue Reading →

Happy Second Birthday Marcus Angelo

After the fun day at Art in Island, we went to Eastwood and had dinner at Project Pie to cap of Coco's 2nd birthday. Thank you family for celebrating with us! Hope you had a great time too! Thank you for the banana chocolate pie, Project Pie! The mommy loved it!

Oh Brother.

But of course, my birthday 2014 isn't complete without my kuya/bestfriend, Carlo and Mei with Pem and bonus, Pau, Ivy and Dylan. More than a decade of friendship, still couldn't believe that we, Carlo and I are friends. Not just friends, we're family. I was a little girl who got a crush on him when... Continue Reading →

Coco’s First Birthday Suppliers

❤❤❤❤❤ – highest / ❤ – lowest 1. Club Oasis – One Oasis Condominium (Venue) – ❤❤❤ I’ve been eyeing for this clubhouse since Coco’s baptism. We didn’t know anyone there, so I couldn’t book for an event. The minute I signed our contract for our unit, I immediately booked the clubhouse for Coco’s First... Continue Reading →

Coco’s UP Themed 1st Birthday Party

Pixar's Up has always been one of my favorite animated film. For Coco's birthday, it wasn't my first choice, I think I wanted either Rugrats or Transportation themed. But as he grows up, a lot of my family and friends has been saying that he looks like Russel from Up, because of his chubby cheeks.... Continue Reading →

Happy First Birthday Marcus Angelo!

Just a simple celebration for Coco's 1st birthday on the day itself. We had dinner at Papa John's with Jhe and Mama. Tiramisu Cake from Bread Talk. And his much awaited first haircut at Cut 4 Tot's. Celebrating on the 29th! See you all!

Daddy Luluyz’ 26th birthday

Celebration with friends at Jhe's House in Molave. Coco was a bit sick that's why the next day we brought him to Tita Minette for Check up. After that, we ate at Bannapple with the family for another celebration.

27th Birthday Celebration

So I actually got what I wished for last year. God gave me my Coco to me as my birthday gift last year. And this year, he's with me, full flesh, full cheeks too! My world was never the same again. It was a very simple celebration - just me, my husband, my son and... Continue Reading →

The Past is creeping on me

Once in a blue moon reunion with my childhood boy-friends. They're always together but their princess (which is me) is busy with her own world. I'm not their only princess anymore because almost all of them have their own girls already. Glad to meet my new girlfriends - cathy, milca and danica. So, I'm not... Continue Reading →

Twenty-Three, Flirty & Thriving!

For the past few years, I've celebrated my birthday in a not so beautiful light. I got hurt, I was drunk and I ended in a not so good shape, especially last year. Since my birthday last year, I only wished for everything to fall into its proper places. I did it the hard way.... Continue Reading →

My Birthday Week!!!!!!

I bought some DVD's -- Only You and My Girl and Just My Luck and Highschool Musical Last Monday. birthday gift ko yun sa sarili ko. i just stayed home and watch JML and 4 cds of My Girl. hala! crush ko na talaga si Julian. sino bang hindi diba? so then i turned TWENTY,... Continue Reading →

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