Coco’s 2nd Birthday Jollibee Party

Coco has been addicted to Jollibee since last year. Who wouldn’t be right? I think every child has a stage of Jollibee Addiction, and this is Coco’s time for that. So, for his second birthday, we decided to celebrate it at Jollibee.

We tried so hard to put Coco to sleep before his party, but lo and behold, he was too stubborn to do so. He didn’t sleep, hence he was so cranky. But he goes with everyone naman and didn’t actually cry, until Jollibee joined us at the party area. It was so weird, he loves Jollibee and it wasn’t the first time that he saw Jollibee. He was crying so hard and he was running away from Jollibee. Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure everyone who came enjoyed and I’m so grateful to everyone who celebrated with us. We’re missing my mama though, she wasn’t there because it’s my brother’s graduation day. Then, it’s candle blowing time!

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came!
Rañosa Family and My sister, Rissey and Vic and Pons Family from my side, Reyes Titas & Titos, Adea side: Ingles family and my nieces, Sakki, Mieke & apo Aled

My best friends: Kuya Carlo, Mei and Pem; Jill with kids Steph and Olivia, PF represent: Seska and Deo with Ricky; Tres Chikas Cat & Gretz

IG Momma friends: Tin, Jojo and Dani + Char and Chichi // 2QTies Momma friends: Hazel, JS, Jethro & Robert + Kat, Andre and her mom

Buffalo Negro Tropa

My godsisters and godchildren from the Sollestre family and Duarte Family

Here’s the SDE from Starbaby:

Suppliers Portion:
I picked out the best branch for me, space-wise, service-wise and location-wise. Jollibee C-5 Metropoli, which I think almost as old as Coco. Party coordinator was very accommodating, hosts were not boring. Actually, you can book online through their Jollibee Party website, but I went to the branch to reserve and pay my reservation fee of Php3,000. I got the 90 pax Chicken+Spaghetti Meal for adults and 30 pax Yumburger+Fries Meal for the kids plus chocolate sundae for everyone. I didn’t get the cake, lootbag and prizes from them. They allow bringing of cake from another supplier as long as there’s no character branding and that it will not be served there. I got an extra time for Jollibee, so he was with us for an hour, for an extra fee of Php1,000. If you also want to get the other mascots it is for a fee of Php1,000 as well. All in all, we paid Jollibee Php19,000 for everything that is included.

What we didn’t like was since our party was in the afternoon, there was someone booked ahead of us. It took a long time before they left the party area when it was already my time to use the party area. The Jollibee staff should have control of the guests leaving the premises since there will be another party after them. My guests have already arrived and we had to stay outside the party area at first because they weren’t finished yet with cleaning and setting up the place. Another minus points is the Jollibee mascot. It was so smelly. Everyone who came near him commented about that. Coco loves Jollibee dearly, but he doesn’t like to go near him that day. Was it because of the smell? Make sure when booking with Jollibee, any branch, to ask the coordinator to make sure that Jollibee isn’t smelly.

The cake, but of course, always my beloved supplier, Belluscious Cakes by Belle Dela Llave. Always amazing, Belle did the best capture of what I wanted Coco to look like. I just always tell her to surprise me, and she always does. For inquiries, just message her on her Facebook page.

I got Starbaby Photography again for the photo coverage and this time for video coverage as well. With the photos, I loved everything as always, and they sent the copies to me in due time. For the video, I haven’t had time to watch it yet, but I love the SDE, which I posted above! And below are some shots he made of Coco and some with me and Jhe during the party. Oh, Message their Facebook for inquiries.


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