City of Dreams Staycation

It’s our first time here at the City of Dreams and Hyatt Hotel. I love how spacious their rooms are. I think my mom got a Hyatt Twin (and we are 5 in the room with a toddler) and I didn’t want to leave the fluffy bed.

But I have to because the little boy wants to swim.

So don’t ever forget to bring a swim diaper for kids 3 and below or else you will have to buy from them at 250 each. I’m not used to using swim diapers since most of the hotels that we’ve been staying at doesn’t require them.

I also loved their lobby. By the front desk, there is a table where you can get cookies, bottled water, candies and drink iced tea. Coco wanted more cookies, so I went down to the lobby. But unfortunately, there were no more cookies. The front desk manager brought me up to I think the 4th or 7th floor (?) where there’s this dining area for some VIP guests. There is a sweets buffet and then she got me a container and gave me cookies, gummies and M&M’s for coco.

Coco was too sleepy to enjoy the bathtub, hence he was crying.

We had Yellow Cab delivery during dinner and buffet breakfast down stairs in the morning. They didn’t make my mom pay for the extra heads for breakfast (not sure why, I think because my mom was the point person for the ADB group). Such an awesome stay at this hotel!


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