The Past is creeping on me

Once in a blue moon reunion with my childhood boy-friends. They’re always together but their princess (which is me) is busy with her own world. I’m not their only princess anymore because almost all of them have their own girls already. Glad to meet my new girlfriends – cathy, milca and danica. So, I’m not solo flight girlie surrounded the boys anymore.

Even if I’m in my tipsy state, I could still remember our good old days when we were younger. But just like the song, “I remember the boy but I don’t remember the feeling anymore“, that part I couldn’t remember anymore haha. defensive much. Anyway, missing my kinakapatid Christian and my mare, his wife, Maan. Iba na talaga pag may pamilya na, alaga baby and work, couldn’t just go out and drink with the us that much na.

I’m happy I went to Mareng Ann’s birthday party. It’s so good to see them all again. They’re still the same, just like how they used to be when we were kids. Never fails to make me laugh with their antics. It’s them who thought me how to drink Granmatador and El hombre. haha! We just drunk grandma today. They used to tease me that ibang level na daw ako, iba na daw ako ngayon, I don’t drink those kinds of liquor, I only drink sosyal ones. HA! I showed them all that day that I could drink what they are drinking. Infairness to me, nasasabayan ko sila dun. haha! Oi! I drink occasionally na lang now ah.

Taking about the past aye? I remember seeing my childhood bestfriend, Angel. She lives just in front of my old house in Dahlia. I can’t believe that she’s almost giving birth! I was so surprised! Then, I saw another childhood friend, Jenilyn in church. She’s pushing a pink and black stroller with a 4 month old baby in it. Another surprising moment in my life. I’m happy for both girls! But it depressed me a bit. Napapagiwanan na ko. They now have babies and I don’t even have a boyfriend. Gash.

Because of that, I made a notice to all my taken friends saying,

Notice to all my taken girl friends/boy friends, please don’t make a baby until i get myself a boyfriend. thanks.

Super laughtrip. Maian replied, “OK, will try our best Margz 🙂 haha tell us when u get urself one. Para makagawa na soon as u find him. LOL.Mitch replied, “hahahaha so.. 40 na ako mkakagawa ng baby? joke lang gox” I told her, “buti nga ako ang nag wish niyan, hindi si seska, kundi baka 50 ka pa magkaanak!” =)) kuya tian replied, “sige deal ako dyan” I won’t add na our other funny conversations. Hahahaha!

Gad. I’m so weird. Or maybe it’s just the alcohol in my system? Haha!

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