The Past is creeping on me

Once in a blue moon reunion with my childhood boy-friends. They're always together but their princess (which is me) is busy with her own world. I'm not their only princess anymore because almost all of them have their own girls already. Glad to meet my new girlfriends - cathy, milca and danica. So, I'm not... Continue Reading →

Halloween Sleepover 2009

Few weeks ago, we thought of having a sleepover, when Halloween was nearing, I had an idea of dressing up for halloween and at the same time, the sleepover here at my house. So, I asked them when they wanted it. So, I made an invitation agad.I spend the whole day thinking of what food... Continue Reading →

Magic School Bus

The schoolbus forgot to pick up my sister this morning. For one, tito tom isn't used to picking her up anymore because since her busy schedule started last school year, my mom thought of dropping her from the school bus because it will be a waste of money since she's not riding it home and... Continue Reading →

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