Magic School Bus

The schoolbus forgot to pick up my sister this morning. For one, tito tom isn’t used to picking her up anymore because since her busy schedule started last school year, my mom thought of dropping her from the school bus because it will be a waste of money since she’s not riding it home and they’re picking her up. So, for sure, my sister got late for her first day back to school after Ondoy. She needs to ride the school bus again because Ondoy ruined our car.

Anyway, I remember back when I was still in CSR, I ride this yellow school bus, driven by mr. solinap. Then he changed it to a gray school bus. I always have fun riding my school bus because I ride it with my bestfriends back then.

Then, I transfered to SPCP and rode a red school bus (which was painted blue after a year) driven by kuya ato and owned by tita joy and tito dennis. I also loved riding my school bus because I enjoy listening to my ates (older busmates) stories and also learning from them. We also love to seat by the open door’s steps. We also love stopping over at Select and kuya ato treating us or at my busmate, ate marywin’s sari-sari store in lifehomes. We love it when she let us make utang. Since our school bus is like that of a jeepney, we’re like facing each other. So, we love playing games like cops and robbers, PANTS, etc. We also love telling scary stories especially when it’s already getting dark. I, together with ate norence, loves to join kuya ato when he picks up the pre-schoolers in the pre-school building. We love playing ate to them. I also remember that when you are seated in either corner of the school bus, the ones beside the door, it means superiority/seniority. We also love trading stickers and stationeries and looking through our lisa frank stuffs and trapper keepers. The most mischievous deed was when we shout at the people that we pass by and say “bukas zipper mo” or “psst” etc, and we will laugh our asses off because they actually looked at their zipper or looked for the person who was trying to call their attention and they wouldn’t see us anymore because our bus was moving.

When the Ates were already in highschool (I, still stuck in grade school), tita joy and tito dennis acquired a new school bus, which was the Besta van. I was always seated at the 1st row window seat. Ate mitch (the daughter of the owner sat in the front) while the other ates seat by the door. Seating by the door is now the sign of seniority. We weren’t that noisy and mischievous anymore for we were already “grown up”. Not even the kids could make a noise at times. haha! When, I’m already “grown up” what I hated with riding the school bus was when we have second trips. I hated it because those who knows me well would know how I really hate waiting. And sometimes, it worries me before, because I might have been left or something. Then, they started to operate the two school buses and the driver has changed for few times already. By the time I was already in highschool and I was already seating by the door, the taste of seniority, I did have that but what I hated the most was when the bus leaves so late and I always tell the driver if he can drop me off first once we reach our area, but to no avail, he won’t. I really hated it that I had to be the last one to go home and it’s already dark and I’m getting hungry. OH! I remember sleeping on the way to school and wake up to the noise of my busmates because of the naked man walking in front of our school bus in the c-5 road (there was no tiendesitas yet that time). ohmy. lol.

So, at the middle of my 3rd year my sister, her bestfriend and I changed our school bus to tito tom’s. He’s the father a former busmate. There was no FUNFUN anymore because I’m already “grown up”, I’m usually the quiet one while the younger ones are noisy. I’m usually sleeping and I usually seat by the 1st row window side or by the door when we’regoing home, taste of seniority again. I’ve always been so early in school since I rode this bus, always one of the first who arrives that’s why I always sleep in school while waiting for the bell. I don’t have problems with going home already because we were the first ones to be dropped off upon arriving our area.

I never experienced being brought to and from school by my mom in a car. Maybe once in a while, when I have to come early or I’m coming home so late. Unlike my brother and sister now, they’re hatid-sundo. There’s also a time when I was in 2nd year when I was allowed to commute going home. That was the time when we had an early dismissal for the last few months of the school year. I don’t want to wait for 2-3 hours for the school bus and to be dropped off. So, I asked permission from the school and they allowed me. They don’t allow students to come out the school gate without the car or the school bus or who ever’s fetching. So I got a gate pass.

That is why when I graduated, I got sad because there will be no school bus for me anymore in college. I would have to commute my way to school. When I was still going to UA&P it always make me cry because it was really hard to get and FX to ortigas every morning. I always miss my schoolbus then. When I went to ESA, it was already easy for me already. But sometimes, when tito tom sees me, he even drops me off to school, just like the old times.

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